“Domestic applications that make a sound in the world”

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apple Turkey today App Store on its homepage, it included some domestic applications and games that made a sound in the world.

Apple Turkey He summarized this post first as follows: “Turkey is home to a vibrant developer community that has an eye for success not only in its homeland but also abroad, creating world-class applications and games. Here is a selection of great productions that have achieved popularity and success on the global stage.” The first production shared here was a game. Apple startup directly Bus Simulator: Ultimate and said the following about the popular game: ”

“The birth story: Bus Simulator, published in 2019 by Istanbul-based Zuuks Games, which aims to bring the very popular vehicle simulation genre to mobile games; It soon became a hit in many countries, thanks to its realistic, entertaining gameplay and the presence of real bus stations from well-known international locations.

Why we love: The game realistically reflects the familiar experience of intercity bus journeys in many aspects, from station announcements to baggage handling and refreshments during the journey. Our favorite is the bus radio, which lets you listen to great music as you drive across the country.”

It came from other posts from Apple. Other games and applications highlighted by the company were:

“The birth story: Founded by Ali Murat Ceylan, Berk Yılmaz and Fatih Mustafa Çelebi in 2017, Meditopia has emerged as the first meditation application that fully supports Turkish. Thanks to its advanced personalization features, meaningful use of Apple technologies, and great localized content by experts from every industry, Meditopia has become one of the world’s most loved apps for meditation and mindfulness content in multiple languages.

Why we love: We were amazed by the wide variety of sessions and programs that covered every aspect of life’s ups and downs. Especially the sleep content is a great help when the brain and body have difficulty in relaxing harmoniously.”


“The birth story: Head Ball 2, released by Izmir-based studio Masomo in 2018 after its popular production Head Ball, develops what made the original game successful. The fast-paced soccer action where you use your ball skills and useful power-ups to score against a real opponent and compete with other players has been loved by players around the world.

Why we love: Head Ball 2 enhances the simple gameplay with great customization options with hilarious skins and power-ups, a multiplayer league format with teams, and awesome real-time commentary from the announcers that accompany every match.”

“The birth story: Bring, directed by Nazım Salur, was established in 2015 as a fast delivery service operating in certain areas of Istanbul. After successful investment tours, Bring, has expanded its scope outside of Turkey and now offers the same service in big cities such as London, Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam.

Why we love: Being able to order everything from food to coffee, vegetables and fruit to stationery, newspapers to pet products and get it delivered in minutes makes life so much easier and allows us to take time to do the things we love.”

“The birth story: Published in 2015 by Ankara-based independent developer Yunus Ayyıldız, hocus. soon became one of the App Store favorites with its mind-blowing Escher-inspired puzzle mechanics. Thanks to its minimal design and immersive gameplay, hocus. It proved to be a groundbreaking production, paving the way for many games that test players’ puzzle-solving skills.

Why we love: hocus 2 builds on the success of its predecessor while adding some great new features and mechanics while staying true to the pleasingly simple aesthetic and feel of the original.”


“The birth story: Created by Eskişehir-based studio MobGe, Oddmar is a very entertaining platform game with eye-catching graphics and sound design. Winning the Apple Design Award in 2018, Oddmar won the hearts of gamers from all over the world in a short time with its high production quality and nostalgic gameplay experience reminiscent of classic platform games.

Why we love: The game is set in a fantasy universe inspired by Norse mythology; Its funny story set around the main character Oddmar is also fun to experience, especially if you have a game controller paired with your device!”

“The birth story: Founded in 2015 by Reşit Doğan and Emre Özgündüz, MentalUP; An educational game platform that helps children aged 6 to 15 develop their skills through brain training exercises, memory games, logic puzzles and more. After its success in Turkey, the application expanded abroad with localized content in English, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

Why we love: With its cute illustrations and animations, MentalUP makes learning fun and accessible. In addition to the academically validated content in its archive, the app recently released a fitness module that helps kids stay active.”


“The birth story: Toon Blast was published by Istanbul-based Peak Games in 2017 as the sequel to popular puzzle games Toy Blast. The game, which was very successful, had an impressive performance especially in the USA and Japan, topping international charts; It also maintains its place among the fans’ favorites of the genre.

Why we love: Exploding blocks through colorful levels is as awesome as it sounds; We can’t get enough of the cute cartoon characters Cooper the Cat, Wally the Wolf and Bruno the Bear who accompany you every step of the way.”

“The birth story: Funimate is the first application published by Pixery, founded by Kemal Uğur and Oğuz Bici in 2014. Funimate makes the process of creating short videos easy and fun, which can be shared with the app’s own community or on various social networks. Funimate, which has quickly become a popular application, welcomes millions of users from 150 countries today.

Why we love: Application; It offers you all the tools you need to create a sophisticated video, such as effects, filters, transitions, typography. The community structure allows you to follow other users and see what’s trending; Also, don’t miss the chance to participate in the frequently updated video challenges.”