Dog poo rained over Vasastan – cleanup is delayed

Dog poo rained over Vasastan cleanup is delayed



full screen Car owners on the street got an unpleasant surprise. Photo: Region Stockholm

It has rained poop over Stockholm.

Dog poo bags were thrown out in connection with an explosion for the subway construction – and now the cleanup is delayed.

– The cleaning company wants to wait until the weather has improved, says Emma Sahlman to DN.

Cars, windows and a facade were the targets of around fifty dog ​​poo bags in Vasastan in Stockholm last week. An explosion in the subway construction under Birkastan at Vikingagatan is supposed to be behind the disorder, reports Mitt i.

The shock waves from the explosions reached a deep pipe – full of dog poo bags – which is said to have been ejected.

– The contents simply flew up into the air and onto the street. It ended up on cars, a facade and on the sidewalk. We were told by the condominium association that it even flew over the roof and landed in the courtyard. There is power in the explosions, says Emma Sahlman, press officer for the New subway to Mitt i.

The pipe. Photo: Region Stockholm

She continues:

– Imagine that you have a balloon filled with soft mass, and then you throw it as hard as you can against a house wall or a car. Maybe not all, but many bags have burst. It is estimated that around 50 bags of dog poo were thrown away.

Now reports Dagens Nyheter that the clean-up of the affected house facade is delayed. The cleaning company wants to wait for better weather.

– It is dangerous to go up in a lift when it is too windy. In addition, it is difficult to handle water in freezing temperatures, so it may have to be a little warmer first. But that is up to the remediation company to decide, says Emma Sahlman to DN.

The dog poo-filled pipe protrudes about a decimeter from the ground and is not included on any maps of the subway construction.

Emma Sahlman at New Subway believes that someone or a few put their dog poo bags in the pipe for quite a long time.

– We hope that the culprits saw what happened and stop throwing bags of dog poo into unknown pipes, she tells Mitt i.

The street is completely covered with poo bags. Photo: Region Stockholm