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Does Edouard Philippe know how to count this angry word

This second five-year term like no other is far from over, yet 2027 and its cohort of putative candidates are already moving forward. THE last reshuffle with Gabriel Attal at its head – and that puts Rachida Dati back in the saddle – is a new turning point. Behind the scenes, some are learning to dodge tripping, others are familiarizing themselves with the art of conspiracy, in short, everyone is preparing for the post-Emmanuel Macron era with rigor and determination. The L’Express political department offers to help you follow, thanks to a weekly meeting on our websitethe progress of those ambitious people who hope to climb, quickly and without injury, the steps of power.

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James Dean at the Elysée

The representatives of the majority have not put in place any selection method to nominate their future candidate for the presidential election, preferring for the moment to rely on polls. Prognosis from Gilles Boyer, close to Edouard Philippe: “It will be a James Dean-style selection! We will see cars rushing towards the ravine, there will be the coward who will brake before it is too late, the courageous one who will to the end but will rush into the void and kill himself.” And the one who stands out will come from Le Havre? It is a lot to expect from polls to hope that they are the arbiter of elegance.

Horizons would have calculation problems

On the Le Havre side precisely, we are organizing with enthusiasm the big rally of Edouard Philippe’s party which will bring together this Friday April 5 and Saturday April 6 in Besançon the 1,030 municipal committees and territorial executives, according to information from The Sunday Tribune. The young Horizons group swears to have 24,500 members in its ranks. A figure that raises the eyebrows of an eminent member of the MoDem. “We have 12,000 members, at a time when political parties are emptying out, I don’t see how Horizons can claim such a figure, it’s absolutely impossible. They must be around 6,000 or 8,000 members and that’s it. It’s already very good.” As for Edouard Philippe’s strategy, it is an understatement to say that it disconcerts our interlocutor: “It cannot just be the avoidance of the subject… At a given moment, an act of rupture is necessary.”

Attal-Belloubet: the angry word

The lexical war has started again. On Tuesday, Nicole Belloubet defends “need groups” on BFMTV: “we must give groups according to their level better assured skills. On Wednesday, during the questions to the government which are entirely devoted to him, Gabriel Attal does not get lost in convolutions and hammers out the expression: “We, what we want is to make progress and make everyone succeed, hence the implementation of level groups. These level groups are a profoundly social measure.” The Prime Minister and the Minister of Education had agreed when the government was formed: he would continue to use his formula, she would speak of “need groups”. Attal, then Minister of Education, hesitated when announcing the clash of knowledge, but he has since held on to the formula as the apple of his eye. “The problem is that he uses it very, very often,” we observe at the Ministry of Education, where we consider that the word is “an irritant” since “teachers prefer work on the need rather than with levels” and that “it is not by irritating that we move things forward”.

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The RN makes fun of Marion Maréchal

Yet she moved forward with her white flag. Head of the list of Eric Zemmour’s party for the European elections, Marion Maréchal retains a visible tenderness for her former party which she assures is not her opponent: it will be necessary, in the future, to work with the RN. But Marine Le Pen’s party has no use for her advances and Marion Maréchal’s pacifying impulses find no echo. In his own camp, they annoy, while in the RN, we largely mock them, convinced that Reconquest will not obtain any elected officials. “She must also say strongly on June 9, sneers a close friend of Marine Le Pen. Easter is over, but her campaign is a real way of the cross.”

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Renaissance seeks the martingale against Glucksmann

When nothing goes…nothing goes. The speaking time lottery on TF1 offered a final gift to Raphaël Glucksmann: a final TV appearance on June 2, coveted by Valérie Hayer, the Renaissance candidate who continues to slip in the polls and sees the socialist pounce on her. A passage on the 1, 7 days before an election where voters tend to decide late, is worth its weight in gold. Regardless, Hayer continues to look for the right recipe to slow down the Glucksmann “dynamic”. “There is a novelty, refreshing, curiosity effect about him, as there may have been for Macron before 2017,” concedes a lieutenant, stunned by the at the same time – the big gap even – of a Glucksmann who seeks to “ bring back both ends of the omelette, from Macron to Mélenchon”.

Not calm, Macronie is therefore considering “provoking”… Olivier Faure, the boss of the socialists. “He is smart, he is silent but he must be provoked: on questions of defense, on federalism, he thinks nothing like Glucksmann,” continues the same source, who remembers that between the Prime Secretary and his candidate, as told L’Express At the end of January, the understanding was cordial but nothing more. Especially since at Renaissance, we are angry with Bardella for having accepted a debate with Glucksmann. “He’s going to lose on purpose, to make him rise and weaken us,” we pretend to smile in Macronie. In response, a debate between Valérie Hayer and Marion Maréchal was organized on CNews. To bring up who? We would lose our Latin…