Does anyone still play Warzone 2? That’s how you voted

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Call of Duty: Warzone 2 has been out since November 2022. Now we at MeinMMO wanted to know if you play the shooter. How you voted:

CoD Warzone 2 has been out for almost 2 months and is still one of the most downloaded free-to-play games in 2022 on PS5. But not all CoD players are satisfied with the current state of the game. Some shooter fans find Warzone 2 boring and say it’s already dead.

We at MeinMMO therefore wanted to know whether you, the MeinMMO community, are playing Warzone 2. The poll started on January 11th and collected a total of 1,925 votes as of 13:30 on January 13th.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 Launch Trailer

The results of the MeinMMO survey

What possible answers were there? In the survey you could choose between 5 different answers:

  • Yes, regularly
  • Yes, every now and then
  • As good as never before
  • No, I play other modes
  • No, I’m currently not playing CoD at all
  • Your answers will look like this: After receiving a total of 1,925 votes, the poll tells us that a majority of respondents are currently playing Call of Duty: Warzone 2.

    A total of 1,087 MeinMMO readers voted for one of the two “yes” answers – that’s 57.47%.

    Of those surveyed, 636 (33.04%) said they play Warzone 2 “regularly”. In addition, 451 (23.43%) of you indicated that you play Warzone 2 “once in a while”. Only 213 (11.06%) of you play the shooter “As good as never”.

    The survey also shows that 321 (16.68%) of you do not play Warzone 2 at all, but are active in other CoD modes. Only 304 (15.79%) of the MeinMMO readers surveyed said they are currently not playing any Call of Duy.

    Here are the results again in the overview in descending order:

  • Yes, regularly – 33.04%; 636 votes
  • Yes, now and then – 23.43%; 451 votes
  • No, I play other modes – 11.06%; 213 votes
  • No, I’m currently not playing any CoD – 16.68%; 321 votes
  • Hardly ever – 15.79%; 304 votes
  • “I actually find the wishes of most streamers and professionals just creepy”

    What reasons do MeinMMO readers give for voting? Some of you also wrote a comment under the poll and explained why you play Warzone 2 or not:

    I’m probably pretty much alone in my opinion, but I find MW2 / DMZ / Warzone2.0 almost perfect for me. My negative points tend to be bugs and the awful UI. I actually find the wishes of most streamers and professionals just creepy. […]

    MeinMMO reader Sebhein via MeinMMO

    Warzone 2.0 is also ‘dead’ to me, that’s because there’s no loot mode anymore, and no Rebirth Island either. Battle Royale was and is just a boring mode for me and my buddies, so we only played Plunder and Rebirth Island. We haven’t played Warzone 2.0 for a month, and unfortunately DMZ isn’t as interesting and exciting as we hoped at the beginning.

    MeinMMo reader Viktor Frankenstein via MeinMMO

    How can a game be dead that it’s only been around for such a short time
    time? Such statements only come from people who have a lot of time and
    that’s why we’re already done with the ‘content’ and that’s why
    feel boring.

    MeinMMO reader TheDuke via MeinMMO

    Did you also take part in the poll but haven’t written a comment yet? If yes, what is the reason for playing or not playing Warzone 2?

    MeinMMO author Dariusz Müller only plays Warzone 2 for the DMZ mode because he is not a fan of Battle Royale

    I was never able to do anything with Warzone, but thanks to DMZ I now spend many hours in CoD