“Does an awful lot for many”

Frida Karlsson has had a brilliant skiing season.
Now she is giving back to Swedish cross-country skiing.
With a beautiful and selfless gesture that means so much.

The ski season is over and Frida Karlsson should be very happy with his performance this winter. After a relatively uneventful season, which is not the norm when it comes to Frida, she comes third in the overall World Cup.

Karlsson’s success

The most memorable moment was of course the fantastic victory in the five mile in Holmenkollen when the Swede outclassed everyone. She really showed the whole skiing world – and a certain one Therese Johaug – that she will be hard-hit in the upcoming five-mile at the 2025 World Ski Championships in Trondheim.

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240309 Frida Karlsson of Sweden after women’s 50 km classic technique mass start during the FIS Cross-Country World Cup on March 9, 2024 in Oslo. Photo: Jon Olav Nesvold / BILDBYRÅN / COP 217 / JE0077

After this year’s skiing season and all the victories at the World Cup, Karlsson never forgets where she comes from and is now giving back to Swedish cross-country skiing. The 24-year-old has taken the admirable initiative and instituted the “Winter Hero of the Year” award.

Frida’s nice price

The award goes to a person who has done something extra for their ski club and is awarded a scholarship of SEK 25,000.
“Sweden is full of winter heroes: zealots who work tirelessly so that as many people as possible can ski and fulfill their dreams. They are coaches, officials, parents, volunteers and many more. To raise these heroes, Ford together with Frida Karlsson has established a scholarship where you can nominate your winter hero and at the same time contribute to your club. All so that more people can realize their dreams, also in the future”, can be read on the scholarship page.

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This year’s winner has been named and awarded to the former national team manager Jonas Peterson, now chairman of Borås GIF. He is now hailed as a true “winter hero” in ski Sweden and was nominated by his clubmate Maria Backlund.

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190403 Jonas Peterson, new National Team Manager, poses for a portrait during a press conference organized by the Swedish Skiing Association on April 3, 2019 in Stockholm. Photo: Jonathan Näckstrand / BILDBYRÅN / Cop 94

“Jonas Peterson is a winter hero of great proportions and the engine of our ski club Borås GIF! We have a wonderful group of non-profit forces, but Jonas stands out as the one who dares and has the courage to realize our young people’s ideas. We have an active youth board at Jonas’s initiative, and there come absolutely wonderful ideas about how to develop our business and arena. Jonas is then the driving force that applies for money for large arena projects, roller skating rink, training studio and training equipment. He organizes pizza nights on Fridays with activities and hanging out in our club house. Everyone is equally welcome to our association and we are especially proud of our training group for people with a variety of functions. There, Jonas is one of the coaches and initiators,” the club writes in a press release.
“The latest project he is going to start is a training group for the age group 65+, where he applied for funds to be able to have a trainer during the day for our pensioners. Jonas Peterson is chairman of our section board, participates in several of our working groups, responsible for our artificial snow group the snow heroes, piste machine driver, race leader, fencer, coach, ski parent, etc. Jonas is a true firebrand who is very popular, who does a lot for many people and who is passionate about cross-country skiing”

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