Doctors Without Borders: A hi-tech hospital in ruins

On Monday, Israel’s military (IDF) confirmed its withdrawal from al-Shifa hospital following the latest military push that began on March 18. Parts of the hospital are reported to have been set on fire.

– What was once a high-tech hospital is now just in ruins, says Frida Lagerholm.

War between Israel and Hamas

  • IDF leaves al-Shifa hospital

  • The three roads: How help gets into Gaza

  • She now warns that it is becoming increasingly difficult to provide medical care inside Gaza.

    – There is a shortage of just about everything: water, food, medical supplies. We have previously described it as hell on earth and it just continues.

    Israel has accused Hamas and Islamic Jihad of entrenching themselves in civilian places such as hospitals, which Hamas denies. Tens of thousands of Gazans have sought shelter and care in hospitals.

    It is unclear how many have been killed

    The bodies of tens of people are said to have been found at and in the property. But the total death toll is still unclear.

    Hamas claims that Israeli forces have killed 400 Palestinians in connection with the raid on al Shifa hospital. The IDF, on the other hand, claims to have killed 200 fighters and captured hundreds more. They deny that they killed any civilians. Two Israeli soldiers are said to have been killed.

    According to the UN, on Monday at least 21 of the hospital’s patients had died since the attack began. But that figure only applies to patients, and not hospital staff, refugees or other civilians inside the hospital.

    See images from al-Shifa Hospital in the video above.