Do you see this trick in DUNE 2?

In a new video, Marco Risch from Nerdkultur talks about the biggest trick used in Dune 2 to portray the development of the main character Paul Atreides and his relationship to the world of Arrakis.

Who is Marco Risch? Marco Risch has been uploading videos with news, reviews, analyses and interviews about current films, series and video games on his YouTube channel Nerdkultur since 2015.

In his podcast Nerd & Kultur he chats every Sunday with his colleague Yves Arievich about topics such as Star Wars, Marvel and DC. With both he belongs to the Webedia network, of which MeinMMO is also a part.

In a new video, he now explains why a simple trick gives Dune 2 a deeper narrative level and how your perception of the story is influenced:

Do you see this trick in DUNE 2?

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What trick is this actually about? In his video, Marco talks about a trick that runs through the entire narrative of Dune 2. The change in the camera perspective ensures that you as a viewer can intensively experience and empathize with the development of Paul Atreides.

At the beginning of the film, you experience Arrakis from the distanced perspective of Paul, who at this point only knows the planet from stories and visions. Wide and distant camera shots underline this distance that he himself initially feels.

Camera perspective draws you directly into the action of Dune 2

In the video, Marco explains when the camera work in Dune 2 changes drastically. As soon as Paul goes into active resistance fighting, the camera often stays at eye level, drawing you directly into the action. This allows you as the viewer to strongly identify with Paul and the Fremen.

Even in action scenes, the camera follows the characters at eye level. This camera perspective ensures that the chaos and violence appear more intense and immediate for you as the viewer. You can hear how cleverly the film plays with this trick and accompanies the story of Paul Atreides in the video from Marco himself. In another video, he talks about a trick that shaped an entire film franchise: How a simple technique helped the Marvel films to succeed