Do you know the 6 to 1 method to save time and money at the supermarket?

Do you know the 6 to 1 method to save

When it comes to stocking up on groceries in supermarkets, there are two watchwords: timing and money. So, to avoid wasting time on the shelves while spending less, here is the rule to know.

Hate the idea of ​​spending your Saturday afternoon restocking the house? Between the queue at the checkout and the whims of children, this household chore can quickly turn into a nightmare. Fortunately, there is an unstoppable protocol guaranteed to make this laborious task a breeze. What’s more, your wallet will be better off.

It was on the social network TikTok that the trend went viral. User @chefwillco, otherwise known as “the grocery king”, revealed in one of his videos how the 6 to 1 method changed his life. The post has now racked up over a million views and 157,000 likes. Not to mention the comments which only praise the practice: “I love the concept”, “Much easier, much cheaper”, “I use your method and honestly it helps me”, “I’ve been doing this for a few weeks and it’s amazing” are part of the reactions.

So what is it about? The principle consists of buying only 6 vegetables, 5 fruits, 4 proteins, 3 starchy foods, 2 sauces/spreads and 1 small treat for yourself each week. No more ! The TikToker said: “It makes grocery shopping a lot easier, a lot cheaper […] and you don’t spend all day there. It worked for me, my friends and everyone on social media who tried it.” Indeed, another Internet user revealed on the platform that she had implemented the 6 to 1 method at Lidl and declared that she never spent more than 65 euros per week. Same thing for a second user who no longer remembers the last time she paid more than 90 euros for her full load of shopping. In short, a real success!

To give a concrete example, @chefwillco regularly films himself at the supermarket. In one of his videos, he explains that he bought onions, an eggplant, cauliflower, green beans, parsley and peppers for vegetables. In the fruit section, he opted for avocados, watermelon, oranges, cherry tomatoes and apples. For proteins: salmon, chicken, ground beef and cream cheese. Regarding starchy foods, he focused on potatoes, corn and semolina. Tzatziki and bruschetta sauce for both spreads. And finally, pastéis de nata for the joker pleasure. Which cost him 84.70 euros and allowed him to vary the recipes throughout the week. To test !