Do not buy without looking: you are being poisoned! It upsets the body

Do not buy without looking you are being poisoned It

Creams, which are part of the daily care and beauty routine used by millions of people, regardless of men and women, may be poisoning your skin. Cosmetic products are the first to come to mind to make you feel better and add beauty to your beauty. However, some ingredients in cosmetics can harm health.


Most beauty creams contain parabens. Parabens are used as preservatives. Many products, from shampoo to toothpaste, contain paraben compounds.


Unfortunately, these substances are suspected to have similar effects to the female hormones estrogen. Therefore, they are particularly dangerous for pregnant women, fetuses, young children and adolescents.


Paraben types accumulate in the body and can cause diseases such as infertility, diabetes, precocious puberty, and hormone-related cancers such as breast, testicular, and prostate cancer.


To find out if there are parabens in the cosmetics you use, just look at the ingredient list. All substances with the suffix “-paraben” are parabens.

The most commonly used parabens are:

  • methyl parabens,
  • Ethyl parabens,
  • Pentyl parabens,
  • Benzyl parabens,
  • phenyl parabens,
  • Butyl parabens,
  • Propyl parabens,
  • isopropyl parabens,
  • Isobutyl parabens.

If you are allergic, you should also pay attention to the fragrances contained in the cosmetic products you use daily.

In the product ingredient list these are found under the heading “perfume” or “fragrance”. Many are considered harmful to health, as they can trigger or exacerbate allergies.

Some scents that are considered particularly allergenic, such as coumarin, citral or linalool, are also used quite frequently in natural cosmetics. That’s why attention should be paid. (Ensonhaber)