Djokovic – Sinner – LIVE: the first round for the Italian hope, follow the shock!

Djokovic Sinner LIVE the first round for the

At the end of a tight first round (7-5), Jannik Sinner took the lead in this gala performance against Novak Djokovic. The Italian got off to a good start in this ATP Finals meeting in Turin. Follow the match live.

22:19 – Sinner responds (1-1)

Jannik Sinner leaves in the same way as he concluded the previous set by maintaining his put in play.

22:17 – Sinner imprecise

After winning the point following a mistake by Djokovic, Jannik Sinner completely missed his sequence by uncrossing his forehand too much which ended in the middle of the lane.

22:17 – Djokovic omnipresent

After a nice climb to the net, Novak Djokovic recovers with a first forehand volley before concluding the point with another volley despite a backhand passing from Jannik Sinner.

22:15 – Djokovic gets off to a good start (1-0)

After a great serve-volley and a winning serve, Novak Djokovic concludes this first service game and takes the lead in the second set.

22:10 – The first set for Sinner (5-7)

More solid in the final moments of the set, Jannik Sinner took the lead in this match by winning the first set. The Italian took advantage of a bad series from Novak Djokovic which the Serbian concluded with an uncrossed forehand which ended in the net.

22:07 – Sinner at one point in the set

The Italian is not giving up at the moment. He leads 40-0 after a big first and a bad return from Djokovic.

22:05 – Sinner serves for the set (5-6)

Jannik Sinner will serve to pocket the first set. Trailing 40-0, the Italian finally broke Novak Djokovic thanks to a direct error from the Serb during the last point.

22:03 – Sinner Advantage

Novak Djokovic’s first double fault and first “altercation” between the public and the Serb. Advantage Sinner who has a break point.

22:02 – 40-40

Jannik Sinner takes advantage of Djokovic’s weak shots to take the advantage in the rally and overtake the Serbian with a short uncrossed forehand before finishing with a topspin forehand.

22:01 – Sinner has not said his last word

Trailing 40-0, Jannik Sinner scored two points thanks to a winning backhand return and a winning forehand passing after a too neutral volley from Novak Djokovic.

21:57 – Sinner hangs on (5-5)

What an end to the game from Sinner concluded with an ace, which remains in contact with Novak Djokovic who will serve to take the advantage in the score.

21:55 – Nole can blame himself

After a missed volley from Sinner, Djoko returned the Italian’s first well before attempting a long backhand catch but he finished behind the baseline. 30-30.

21:54 – Sinner rushes

While he had the advantage of the court on this point, Jannik Sinner tried to climb the net before committing a direct error on the forehand.

21:51 – “Djoko” one game from the set (5-4)

Third shutout of the match for Novak Djokovic who is imperial on his plays. Indeed, the Serb only lost one point on his service games.

9:48 p.m. – Sinner stays in touch (4-4)

Jannik Sinner takes advantage of Novak Djokovic’s unusual errors in return to get back on track. 4-4 between the two players after 38 minutes of play.

21:46 – What a sequence from Sinner!

After a service on the T, Jannik Sinner continues with an uncrossed forehand to the left of Djokovic who remains a few meters from the ball.

21:44 – Djokovic comes out (4-3)

After a superb long masked volley and a direct error from Sinner, Novak Djokovic maintains his service game and is only two games away from winning the first set.

9:43 p.m. – Missed by Sinner

On the return, Jannik Sinner completely woods his forehand which ends outside the court.

21:41 – Break point for Sinner

Jannik Sinner has shown desire since the start of the match and it is rewarded. Break point for the local after a direct error from the Serb.

9:39 p.m. – Nole recovers

After two gross errors on the backhand, Novak Djokovic plays with the zones and scores the point after a recovery attempt from Sinner which ends directly in the bottom of the net.

21:37 – The wiper for Djokovic (3-3)

Another superb exchange at the Pala Alpitour where Jannik Sinner makes another drop shot and sees Djokovic cross his backhand. But the Italian had seen it all and marked the game with a winning backhand. The Serb made all four corners of the court.

9:36 p.m. – It’s saved!

After an ace and a service winner, Jannik Sinner now has the opportunity to return to 3-3.

21:34 – First break point for Djokovic

Which point ! Overwhelmed by Djokovic’s variation, Sinner makes a superb forehand drop shot but the Serb is on the trajectory and crosses a counter drop shot that the Italian cannot recover.

21:33 – Djokovic cracks Sinner

In a long exchange where the two players exchanged blows, Jannik Sinner was the first to make the mistake by crossing his forehand too much. 40-40 between the two players.

9:30 p.m. – Sinner, the first to dare

Trailing 0-15 on his throw-in, Jannik Sinner took advantage of Novak Djokovic’s neutral and central shots to open the angles. Two initiatives allowing the Italian to win two points.