DJI Osmo Mobile 6, designed for smartphones, is introduced

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DJI, It continues to showcase the new products of 2022. This time designed for smartphones DJI Osmo Mobile 6 came.

DJI, As we said above, it introduced more than one product in a short time. For example, from the company to the details here we place Osmo Action 3 action camera and details here we place Avata The drone model has arrived. Now designed for smartphones DJI Osmo Mobile 6 is in front of us. It is a powerful video game that focuses on those who take videos frequently with their smartphones.multi-axis image stabilization”, the product offers height adjustment and can be viewed from the small screen inside. can show battery life.

It is reported to be more comfortable than Osmo Mobile 5 Osmo Mobile 6, With the ActiveTrack system, it can automatically track better than the previous model and thanks to its motorized structure. can keep the selected object in the center. Model only for iPhones Quick Launch It also includes a feature called


This feature detects that the iPhone is stuck and quickly prepares the entire system for video capture. Stating that this saves a lot of time DJI, also placed a “mod” button on the product. With this mod button You can quickly switch between different shooting modes.

The device, which is ideal for horizontal as well as vertical video shooting, offers many creative shooting modes to its users via its mobile application. It will be sold in Turkey in the future. Osmo Mobile 6, It has an overseas price of 160 dollars.