Diving accident at Värmdö – two to hospital

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A serious diving accident has occurred on Värmdö east of Stockholm, according to the Maritime and Air Rescue Center (JRCC).

Three people – two of whom were unconscious at the time of the rescue – have been taken to hospital.

The alarm about the accident came at 2.16 pm on the thirteenth. According to the JRCC, the diving party consisted of three people, two men and one woman.

– They had some kind of problem. Two divers came up, one of whom was injured and taken away by ambulance, says Lina Buurstra, sea rescue leader at JRCC.

Divers were missing

A third diver, however, was missing and this led to a large search effort. At half past four in the afternoon, the missing person had been found by rescue service divers and taken to hospital.

According to the JRCC, the two injured divers were not conscious at the time of the rescue. According to the police, the diver who helped the one injured person to the surface has also been taken to hospital.

The coast guard, the police, the Maritime Rescue Society and the Maritime Administration all contributed to the rescue and search efforts with boats, helicopters and divers.

The police have started a preliminary investigation into causing bodily harm.

Pictures from the accident scene, in the player above.