Disruptions at Telia: “Something is breaking in the entire network”

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The telecommunications company Telia has major operational disruptions. On companies’ social media, customers alert that telephony, broadband and television services are affected.

“We have a problem with our internal systems which affects your services. Our technicians are working as quickly as they can to resolve this,” writes Telia in response to a customer on Facebook.

“Yes box! There’s something wrong with the whole web. We are working on a solution”, writes Telia to another customer.

The police: Difficult to reach on 114 14

It’s not just Telia that alerts about problems on Monday afternoon. The police write on their website that it is difficult to reach 114 14 and that troubleshooting is ongoing at the supplier.

The Employment Agency and the Swedish Transport Agency announce that it is difficult to reach their customer services, several media reports.

Telia’s press manager explains more about the technical problems in the player below.