Disputes Between Xiaomi and Siemens Ended!

Disputes Between Xiaomi and Siemens Ended

earlier today Xiaomi and a few other companies, longstanding companies as they look to the future to IP disputes (Intellectual Property) jointly announced that they will finally put an end to it.

Chinese technology company IP Bridge, Orange and Siemens He was in disagreement with other patent holders, such as But the firms decided to fix each other through an innovative patent licensing process.

In simpler terms, companies seek to promote innovation and Xiaomi and creates an efficient way of licensing patents across multiple technologies to eliminate disputes AND for future technologies.

According to Ran Xu, General Manager of Global Business Development and Intellectual Property Strategy, Xiaomi, “We continue to explore licensing models that complement the traditional patent pool and binary models to avoid time-consuming conflicts and focus on innovation.

This unique transaction structure 3 of Xiaomi customers It enables the company to make efficient use of its inventions.” The disputes were settled thanks to Norvus IP, a company owned by Xiaomi’s former Head of IP Strategy.

This firm assisted the smartphone manufacturer and three other licensors and completed this licensing process efficiently.

Similarly, Rudolf Freytag, Head of Licensing and Technology at Siemens, “It is very important to us that innovation is protected by patents. We welcome this agreement as it creates a very mutually satisfactory solution to the cases and appreciates the solution-oriented approach of all parties involved in the settlement.” said.