Discover the first images of the new portable console Playstation Project Q

Discover the first images of the new portable console Playstation

If the PS5 gives Sony a major presence on the home console market, its ambition is also on the portable console market with its new “Project Q”.

Nintendo DS, Gameboy, PSP… The 2000s saw many portable consoles. A then flourishing market in which console manufacturers were investing to their heart’s content until the arrival of smartphones, which gradually replaced portable consoles in our itinerant entertainment. Today things have changed, Nintendo and Valve are now the only companies to offer portable game consoles, while the major game publishers mostly focus on the mobile game market. Only, it seems that Sony has another idea: the Japanese manufacturer is developing a new, somewhat special mobile console, called Project Q.

The Playstation Q Lite, new PSP?

Once again, Tom Henderson, journalist and respected insider of the video game industry was right. Sony is in the process of developing a new model of Playstation Portable, named for the moment Project Q. According to the few information that have leaked on this new project, this little machine is not strictly speaking a portable console, but rather a way to access its Playstation 5 games away from home. A sort of companion to the home console in short, which would allow you to play your games at 1080p and 60fps via Remote Play. Of course, the Playstation Project Q would require a constant internet connection to function, it remains to be seen whether 5G connection options will be available to be able to play it outside of the home.

As for its design, Sony revealed the first visuals of the console, which are reminiscent of a DualSense controller with a huge LED screen in its center. Of course, the designs of this small console are subject to change.

This new information is perfectly in line with Sony news since it seems that the Japanese manufacturer is about to announce a second phase of the PS5 universe. Indeed, rumors are also rife about the future of the home console, which could be offered a new model in 2024, in the form of a Playstation 5 Pro. Case to follow.