discover the election results – L’Express

discover the election results – LExpress

The list of the National Rally of Jordan Bardella came well ahead of the European elections, this Sunday, June 9, with 32% of the votes, according to the latest estimates from Ifop for TF1-LCI, far ahead of that of the majority led by the Macronist candidate Valérie Hayer (14.9%) just ahead of Raphaël Glucksmann (PS-Place publique) who would slip into third place with 14.2%.

Behind these three lists, the LFI candidate Manon Aubry records around 9.1% of the votes, the LR candidate François-Xavier Bellamy 7%, the ecologist Marie Toussaint 5.4%, and the far-right candidate Marion Maréchal ( Reconquest) 5.3%.

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As a reminder, you must exceed 5% of the votes to send deputies to the European Parliament. A sign of a campaign which aroused more interest than expected, the turnout at the polls increased further compared to 2019 to 52.5% according to Ifop, when it had already shown an increase at 50.12 %. This increased participation did not weigh on the score of the big favorite: at only 28 years old, Jordan Bardella confirms his rise on the national scene in partnership with Marine Le Pen. It increases its already high score from 2019 (23.34%) by almost ten points.

Welcoming a “scathing disavowal” for “a weakened president”, Jordan Bardella immediately called on Emmanuel Macron to organize new legislative elections to “take note of this new political situation”. In the process, Emmanuel Macron announced the dissolution of the National Assembly and called legislative elections for June 30 and July 7.