Discord starts showing ads within the service

Discord starts showing ads within the service

One of the new generation communication platforms with millions of users Discord, It starts showing ads within the service.

Discord, Due to difficulties in generating income, it will begin to display advertisements to users in the coming weeks. The company, which has stayed away from advertisements since its establishment in 2015, but seems to be forced to do so under current conditions, is already upsetting some users in this regard, but it is only “nitro” It seems like the money coming from subscriptions alone is not enough. Recruiting personnel for advertisements and Discord, which is reported to present advertisements in a different form related to the game, It had previously come to our agenda through chat bot steps. If you missed it, it’s signed by OpenAI ChatGPT, Popular communication application with a surprising step Discord started to take part in it. Discord is available for this. Clyde He decided to use OpenAI’s ChatGPT to turn his bot into an advanced chatbot.


On this basis, Clyde was able to answer questions asked by individuals and chat with users on almost any topic imaginable. However, the process did not go as desired and as of December 1, it was announced that Clyde, which was a financial burden on Discord, would be closed. The company last year He also announced that he would benefit from other OpenAI technologies to make Discord more user-friendly.

For example, it was said that the AutoMod system, prepared for the automatic management of chat channels, will be combined with artificial intelligence, so that the channels can be protected from unwanted messages more effectively than before. OpenAI technologies also feature an artificial intelligence-supported “system” on the integrated servers.summarization feature” he would also present. In this way, you were informed that you will be able to see a brief summary of the conversations accumulated on the channel you follow whenever you want.