Disaster date, bad luck… Nearly 1 in 2 French people say they are disappointed by dating sites

Disaster date bad luck… Nearly 1 in 2 French people

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    If dating sites have today become a space like any other to find your other half, they are not, however, a guarantee of crazy love. In France, the proportion of “disappointed” people is even greater than elsewhere.

    Finding the right shoe for you via an app or a dating site has become commonplace today. We sell, we match, we meet and more if we have affinities, just like we would do our shopping. But curiously, this practice does not give the same success rate depending on the country. This is what we learn from a study on European couples and dating applications carried out on 5,500 users.

    The British, champions of app dating

    According to this survey, it is in the United Kingdom that people match the most, and with success! Indeed, according to the figures, in England, the number of couples formed over the past 5 years via an app or a site has reached 61.5% over the last 3 years. Followed by Ireland with 54.2% of couples.

    In France, it is less: while the use of dating sites has increased by another 9%, 47.5% of couples formed over the past 5 years admit to having used an app, or slightly less than one in two. Which places us in 10th place in Europe.

    One in two French people disappointed with their experience

    But the Stat-rencontres.fr site reveals a more surprising fact: the rate of disappointments is much higher than we think. Thus, the English are also the most often disillusioned with 61% disappointed. Followed this time by the French, 49% of whom regret their appointment.

    “Whether you register on dating sites to find love or experience torrid nights, disillusionment is quickly present. Between the applications which turn out to be empty shells, those frequented almost exclusively by men and the aggressive/sexist behavior of certain users is a cold shower.”

    If you want to avoid disappointment, you will have to migrate to the North: in Finland, only 27% of dating app users say they are dissatisfied!

    But if there is one thing to remember from this panel, it is perhaps also our persistence: when one in two couples meet online despite 49% of disappointing dates, it is that the French still believe in ‘love !

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