disappointing results at the 2024 Europeans

disappointing results at the 2024 Europeans

Hélène Thouy, a 40-year-old lawyer, did not succeed in her bet during these 2024 European elections. The Animalist Party did not collect the 5% of votes necessary to obtain a seat in the European Parliament.

“Our objective is entirely achievable given the current context. The traditional parties have disappointed” estimated the head of the Animalist Party, Hélène Thouy before these 2024 Europeans. A failed bet, no member of the party will sit in the European Parliament. Between 2019 and 2024, only three defenders of the animal cause, from Germany, the Netherlands and Portugal, sat in Brussels. The Animalist Party list carried by Hélène Thouy, credited throughout the campaign with 1% to 2% of voting intentions at most, came far behind the main lists with 2% of the votes.

Lawyer and founder of the Animalist Party (PA)

Born in 1983 in Marseille, Hélène Thouy first studied law to become a lawyer. During her studies, she campaigned for animal rights and founded the Animal, Justice and Law association. After opening her law firm in Langon (Gironde) in the 2010s, she assisted animal defense associations in animal abuse cases. She is notably one of the lawyers of L214 ethics and animals, an NGO for the defense of animal whistleblowers.

In 2016, Hélène Thouy founded the Animalist Party (PA), of which she became co-president. His party gathered 0.96% of the votes in the 2017 legislative elections, 0.34% in the 2017 senatorial elections and 2.16% of the votes in the 2019 European elections. In 2022, the Animalist Party wanted to present a list for the election presidential election but failed to gather enough sponsorships. From now on, the 40-year-old lawyer has less than three months to convince before the European vote, scheduled for June 9.

Exit intensive breeding and plant production

“In 2019, we participated in the European elections for the first time. You probably remember, our score of 2.2% had a resounding impact, placing us ahead of more established parties. This result allowed the political class French society as a whole to take stock of the societal expectations around the animal question” she explains on the party’s official website. Two years later, in November 2021, a law came, for example, to strengthen sanctions in the event of mistreatment or put an end to the breeding of American minks for their fur.

“The European Union can be a real driving force for initiating international changes such as the end of intensive breeding. Most European countries fear, by raising their requirements in terms of respect for animals, of losing competitiveness. Thus, no one is moving forward. The European Union thus has the power to reorient agriculture towards a massive greening of our production and our consumption thanks to the reallocation of subsidies. Our farmers are the first to want to evolve, we must help them financially. to do it” she continues.

The Animalist Party’s program for the 2024 European elections

For the European elections, the Animalist Party, led by the voice of Hélène Thouy, is based on 5 main pillars. First, a livable land. The objective is to protect the Earth and its inhabitants, allow the sharing of territories, recognize water as a common good and even prohibit intensive livestock farming. Second pillar: the sustainable basket. This is about supporting the transition to plant-based agriculture and offering more transparency for the consumer. Then, a peaceful society with the desire to create general regulations applicable to all animals to recognize and protect their interests. Fourth: protected health. In other words, advocate a more plant-based diet to avoid diabetes and cardiovascular diseases in particular. Finally, an agriculture of the future by taking charge of the debt of farmers who stop exploiting animals for a reconversion and redirecting all CAP subsidies to help the reconversion of breeders towards plant production.