DIRECT. PSG – Rennes: just after his missed penalty, Mbappé opens the scoring with success, follow the match

DIRECT PSG Rennes just after his missed penalty Mbappe

PSG welcomes Rennes to the Parc des Princes this Wednesday for a place in the Coupe de France final. Follow the match live.

9:58 p.m. – It’s the break!

Ruddy Buquet whistles the end of this first act of PSG – Rennes. Paris leads at the break thanks to a goal from Kylian Mbappé which finally deceived the vigilance of Mandanda who had been imperial until now.

9:56 p.m. – Two more minutes (45′)

The fourth referee has just indicated the added time of this first period of PSG – Rennes.

21:55 – Blas misses (44′)

The Rennes winger spills into his left lane and sends a cross towards Kalimuendo but it is sorely missed.

21:53 – The Park gives voice (43′)

The goal of Kylian Mbappé has, it seems, reassured the supporters of Paris who find voice in this PSG – Rennes.


A few minutes after his penalty was repelled by Mandanda, Kylian Mbappé was successful with a shot deflected by Omari who wrong-footed the Rennes goalkeeper.

21:49 – Santamaria suffers (38′)

The former Angevin seems to be suffering and nevertheless returns to the field after a spell out of bounds in this PSG – Rennes.

21:47 – MANDANDA’S SAVE (37′)

The French international goalkeeper starts on the right side and keeps Kylian Mbappé in check who then cannot regain his support to finish in a second phase! Still 0-0 in this PSG – Rennes.

21:46 – Omari breaks down and concedes a penalty!! (35′)

Kylian Mbappé overtakes Omari who catches the Parisian attacker. Ruddy Buquet points to the penalty point.

21:43 – Fewer chances (32′)

The first half hour of play has just ended and the score is still 0-0 in this PSG – Rennes. After 20 breathtaking minutes, the two teams observed each other a little more and took less risks.

9:40 p.m. – Disagreement (30′)

Theate anticipates and intercepts a ball but then misses his transmission to Truffert who was asking in depth in this PSG – Rennes.

21:37 – Mandanda lies down on the leather (27′)

Mbappé overflows into the left and center lane but it is deflected and it slips into the hands of Steve Mandanda.

21:36 – Dembélé’s number (26′)

The lively PSG winger makes the difference in a small space but, as is often the case, lacks finishing. His shot ends well above Mandanda’s cages.

9:35 p.m. – Good intervention from Blas (25′)

The former Nantes player does not let go of Achraf Hakimi and it pays off because he recovers the ball despite the Moroccan’s challenges in this PSG – Rennes.

21:33 – Dembélé misses his pass (23′)

The former Barcelona player tries to speed up the game to surprise the Rennes defense but he cannot find Fabian Ruiz in the area.

21:31 – Gouiri does not pass (20′)

The former Lyonnais tries to play against Lucas Hernandez but the latter does not give in and gets the goal kick in this PSG – Rennes.

21:29 – Rennes defends well (18′)

For the moment, in this PSG – Rennes, the Bretons are well disciplined and leave their opponents afraid of space. Paris could hurt on quick attacks or individual exploits.

21:26 – Mandanda wins (16′)

Nuno Mendes’ cross is easily captured by Steve Mandanda who quickly pushes forward.

21:23 – Donnarumma responds to Mandanda (13′)

Just after Mandanda’s huge save, Kalimuendo calls on Donnarumma who is not trapped. The Italian goalkeeper makes a good save.

9:22 p.m. – THE BAR SAVES RENNES!! (12′)

Mandanda wins his duel against Mbappé!! Dembélé launches Mbappé who overtakes his opponent. The top scorer in PSG history comes up against Mandanda but the Rennes goalkeeper deflects with his foot on his bar.

21:22 – Mendes’ strike (11′)

The Portuguese full-back and Fabian Ruiz combine but Nuno Mendes’ cross flies in front of Mandanda’s cages without any Parisian being able to cut the trajectory.

21:21 – Mandanda doesn’t embarrass himself (10′)

The former Marseille goalkeeper is in a hurry after this ball given by Theate and prefers to clear directly into touch in this PSG – Rennes.

21:19 – Doué tries his hand (9′)

The young Rennes midfielder inherits a ball pushed back into the axis by Marquinhos and attempts the first Breton strike in this PSG – Rennes. The leather flies above Donnarumma’s cages.

21:18 – A first Rennes offensive (8′)

Truffert also offers himself in the left lane but his cross is intercepted by Zaire-Emery who makes a good return to his area.

21:16 – Hakimi projects (5′)

The Moroccan international calls the ball in depth and is served in his lane. His center only finds the right foot of Guela Doué who clears his camp in this PSG – Rennes.

21:15 – A first corner (4′)

Paris moves forward very quickly in this PSG – Rennes and obtains the first corner of the evening.