DIRECT. Ligue 1: recap of the 28th day and updated ranking

DIRECT Ligue 1 results of the 24th day and updated

The Ligue 1 standings are changing this Saturday, March 18, 2023. Discover the highlights of the last matches, the results and the place of each team on our special page.

10:49 p.m. – Lens – Angers: Card from RC Lens at Stade Bollaert-Delelis (3-0)

It’s the perfect move for RC Lens after this Ligue 1 match (3-0). However, it was Angers SCO who ultimately had the best ball possession rate (45%-55%) but their efforts were poorly paid. The Lensois were even more dangerous in front of goal by framing more strikes (8 against 2). Lens – Angers in live

22:04 – Lens – Angers: New goal signed Lois Openda at Stade Bollaert-Delelis (3-0)!

Goal signed Lois Openda in the 46th minute of play of this 2nd half! The Lensois take off and now lead by 3 goals over their opponents at Stade Bollaert-Delelis! Angers SCO is on the verge of defeat in this Ligue 1 duel. Lens – Angers live

22:03 – Lens – Angers: Start of the 2nd period

Here we go again between RC Lens and Angers SCO, in Lens, where Bastein Dechepy kicks off. The reminder of the score: 3-0. Lens – Angers in live

21:46 – Lens – Angers: Break at the Bollaert-Delelis Stadium

Angers SCO have control of the ball but are sorely lacking in efficiency: after these first 45 minutes, possession of the ball is clearly in favor of Angers SCO (62% against 38% for RC Lens), who however created less solutions with 2 shots on target against 5 shots on target for RC Lens, and who are behind the score of 2-0. Lens – Angers in live

9:30 p.m. – Lens – Angers: And two for RC Lens thanks to Lois Openda (2-0)!

RC Lens doubles the lead at Stade Bollaert-Delelis! A second goal signed Lois Openda in the 30th minute in this 1st half. Here we are at 2 to 0 in this Lens – Angers. Lens – Angers in live

21:26 – Lens – Angers: Seko Fofana opens the scoring for RC Lens (1-0)!

RC Lens opened the scoring in the 27th minute of play in this 1st half. And it’s Seko Fofana who shakes the nets! The scoreboard goes to 1 to 0 at Stade Bollaert-Delelis. Lens – Angers in live

21:00 – Lens – Angers: Kick off of the match between RC Lens and Angers SCO!

The match starts in Lens, where the referee has just kicked off Lens – Angers, counting for the 28th day of Ligue 1. Lens – Angers live

19:09 – Toulouse – Lille: Lille OSC wins in Toulouse (0-2)

The score advantage (0-2) of Lille OSC is rather logical in view of the figures available at the end of this confrontation. Lille indeed had a slight advantage in ball possession (40%-60%) but also and above all proved to be more threatening by framing more shots (5 shots against 3 for Toulouse FC). Toulouse – Lille in live

19:08 – Toulouse – Lille: Second goal for Lille OSC (0-2)!

The Lille are changing the score to go to 0 to 2 at the Stadium of Toulouse, while we play the 90th minute in this Toulouse – Lille. Toulouse – Lille in live

18:53 – Toulouse – Lille: First goal for Lille OSC (0-1)!

Lille OSC went up a notch on the scoreboard with this header which took the score to 0-1 at the Toulouse Stadium. Toulouse – Lille in live

18:13 – Toulouse – Lille: Start of the 2nd half

Here we go again between Toulouse FC and Lille OSC, in Toulouse, where Hakim Ben el Salem Hadj whistles the kick-off. The reminder of the score: 0-0. Toulouse – Lille in live

17:58 – Toulouse – Lille: The players are in the locker room at the Toulouse Stadium

Toulouse FC resisted as best they could: at the end of this first round, possession of the ball was indisputably in favor of Lille OSC (65% against 35% for Toulouse FC), which moreover created the most serious chances with 3 shots on target against 2 shots on target for Toulouse FC, but have to settle for a draw for the moment (0-0). Toulouse – Lille in live

17:34 – Toulouse – Lille: The match is interrupted at the Stadium of Toulouse

Given the events at the Toulouse Stadium, referee Hakim Ben el Salem Hadj preferred to interrupt the match. We hope to be able to give you more information on the rest of the match very soon. Toulouse – Lille in live

17:00 – Toulouse – Lille: Kick off of the match Toulouse – Lille!

The referee of the match whistled the kick off of this confrontation between Toulouse FC and Lille OSC, counting for the 28th day of Ligue 1, at the Stadium of Toulouse. Follow the game live. Toulouse – Lille in live

2:00 p.m. – A formality for Lens?

The poster is totally uneven. The 3rd in Ligue 1, Lens, will face the last Angers. The 20th in the French Championship has still not won since September 18, 2022. An eternity. Since September 30, they have scored only 12 goals in Ligue 1. That is to say. They are “far from being favorites in Lens”, as recalled Alexandre Dujeux, the interim coach who is aware of the shortcomings of his team. Winning at Bollaert this weekend seems unachievable. But it’s football and maybe the euphoric state of the Lensois could be tainted.

12:00 – Toulouse – Lille, the probable line-ups

The match between Toulouse and Lille will start at the Toulouse FC Stadium in five hours. For this meeting, Toulouse will be deprived of Healey while Lille will have to operate without Djalo, Ismaily and André. Diakite is still uncertain.

  • Toulouse : Dupé – Puggaard, Rouault, Nicolaisen, Suazo – Spierings, van den Boomen – Aboukhlal, Dejaeghere, Ratão – Dallinga
  • Lille : Chevalier – Weah, Fonte, Alexsandro, Gudmundsson – Baleba, André Gomes – Bamba, Angel Gomes, Cabella – David

10:00 – Lille provisionally European?

Lille, which will play in the south of France against Toulouse, has only a small point behind Rennes 5th. Les Dogues got out of two rather tricky but frustrating matches by conceding two draws in the last two days, one against Lyon and the other against Lens. Toulouse realizes for its part the season it takes, promoted, the Toulousains do not have much to play for at the end of the season. They can try to tickle the Lyonnais, who on Friday evening had a 5-point lead.

03/17/23 – 10:50 p.m. – Lyon – Nantes: Draw in Lyon (1-1)

The two teams failed to decide in this Ligue 1 meeting (1-1). However, it was Olympique Lyonnais who finished with the advantage in numbers, in terms of ball possession (68%-32%) and total shots on target (5-4). However, this superiority did not materialize on the scoreboard during this match. Lyon – Nantes in live

03/17/23 – 10:02 p.m. – Lyon – Nantes: Start of the 2nd period

The kick-off of the 2nd half has just been given by the referee of the match, at Groupama Stadium. The score is 1-1. Lyon – Nantes in live

03/17/23 – 9:46 p.m. – Lyon – Nantes: Lyonnais and Nantes return to the locker room

FC Nantes resisted as best they could: at the break, possession of the ball was clearly to the advantage of Olympique Lyonnais (79% against 21% for FC Nantes), which moreover created the most serious chances with 3 shots on target against 1 shot on target for FC Nantes, but must settle for a draw for the moment (1-1). Lyon – Nantes in live

03/17/23 – 9:23 p.m. – Lyon – Nantes: Alexandre Lacazette resets the counters in Lyon (1-1)!

This is a goal that changes everything: Olympique Lyonnais come back to score in the 24th minute of play in this 1st half. It was Alexandre Lacazette who reset the counters. 1 to 1 at Groupama Stadium! Lyon – Nantes in live

03/17/23 – 9:02 p.m. – Lyon – Nantes: A CSC in this meeting (0-1)!

The scoreboard goes 0 to 1 at Groupama Stadium. And it is a defender who penalizes his team and offers a goal to FC Nantes in the 2nd minute of play in this 1st half. Lyon – Nantes in live

03/17/23 – 9:00 p.m. – Lyon – Nantes: Benoit Millot kicks off the match between Olympique Lyonnais and FC Nantes!

The match starts in Lyon, where the referee has just kicked off Lyon – Nantes. Lyon – Nantes in live

03/17/23 – 8:30 p.m. – Nantes’ busy schedule

The Canaries left feathers playing matches every 3-4 days. Europe is certainly magnificent, but the considerable efforts made have lonely the people of Nantes who are suffering the backlash. “We all need to cut a little,” detailed Antoine Kombouaré at a press conference. Since the 2022 World Cup and the resumption of the championship on December 28, the Breton club has played 18 games. Kick off in thirty minutes.

03/17/23 – 20:00 – 2 duels in 20 days

This match is not only important for Ligue 1. It is also important for the Coupe de France. The two teams will indeed face each other a second time on April 5 at the end of the semi-finals of this competition. A victory would be reassuring and undeniably good for morale.

For this 2022-2023 season, it is AmazonPrime which has obtained the rights for 80% of the TV rights for the French football championship in Ligue 1. The new broadcaster will cover 8 matches per day: the Friday evening match (9 p.m.), the Saturday afternoon match (17 hours), the Sunday multiplex (3 p.m.), the Sunday evening match (8:45 p.m.) and the Sunday lunch meeting (1 p.m.). Amazon has also created a special channel: Pass Ligue 1.

It is Canal + which will broadcast the two other matches of each day at the start of the season: the Saturday evening match (9 p.m.) and the Sunday match at 5 p.m.