DIRECT. Italy – Albania: the Italians in control, follow the match

DIRECT Italy Albania the Italians in control follow the

Quickly led by Albania, the Italians regained the advantage without panicking this Saturday evening in Dortmund. Follow this Group B meeting live with commentary with us.

22:05 – It’s back to Italy and Albania!

Here we go again at Signal Iduna Park in Dortmund! The Italians enter this second half while they are leading and seem to have taken the measure of Albania.

22:01 – Albania will have to do more offensively

If Albania thought they had achieved a feat for a few minutes, Sylvinho’s players are now trailing at the break. But they haven’t been able to get out of their camp properly for a long time and seem to be failing physically by chasing the ball. It may be necessary to take more risks to succeed in coming back.

21:55 – Italy reacted well

After conceding the fastest goal in the history of the competition, Italy did not collapse and quickly reversed the trend thanks to two Inter players. Following a combination from a corner, Bastoni first equalized before Barella scored with a beautiful half-volley to give Italy a 2-1 lead at the break.

9:49 p.m. – It’s the break! Italy leads Albania (2-1)

Mr. Zwayer sends the 22 actors back to the locker room! Italy was scared but leads at the break against Albania (2-1). Bajrami gave his team the advantage by scoring the fastest goal in Euro history after 23 seconds of play, before Bastoni (11th) then Barella (16th) allowed the Nazionale to get back in front.

21:46 – Three minutes of added time

Mr. Zwayer allows three minutes of added time in this first period between Italy and Albania in Dortmund.

9:45 p.m. – Asani shoots from afar!

Asani recovers the ball in a good position after a free kick in favor of Albania. But 30 meters from the goal, his shot goes wide of the goal guarded by Donnarumma.

21:43 – Albania suffers

The Albanians have been suffering for several minutes and spend their time chasing the ball. Ball retention sequences are rare for Sylvinho’s players.

21:40 – Scamacca falls on Strakosha!

The Italians take the upper hand in this meeting. Scamacca is found in the area in a tight angle and comes back strong after a bit of control. Strakosha blocks his angle well and diverts for a corner with his foot.

9:37 p.m. – Chiesa takes her place

The game was interrupted by the referee to treat Federico Chiesa, who complained of a blow received behind the calf. But the Juve winger finally takes his place on the pitch.

9:35 p.m. – Frattesi on the post!

What an opportunity for Italy! After a high recovery, Scamacca finds a brilliant pass for Frattesi from a tight angle. The Juve player steals his ball but Strakosha deflects onto his post!

21:34 – Albania defends very low

Sylvinho decided to lower his block quite low as soon as Italy passed midfield. His team switches to 5-3-2 or even 6-2-2 at certain times.

21:31 – Chiesa does damage

Federico Chiesa is strong on his right side and has made many differences since the start of the match. Several Italians are very good so far, like Barella and Calafiori as well.

21:28 – Italy calms down the pace

After 25 minutes played at a high pace, the Italians tried to calm down this match, while the Albanians seemed to experience a first drop in momentum.

21:25 – Jorginho misses his pass

After a good effort from Barella on the left side, Jorginho wants to play in depth with him again but the Inter midfielder did not expect it at all. The ball goes straight out of the goal.

21:22 – First yellow card, for Pellegrini

Lorenzo Pellegrini receives the first yellow card of the match for a gross foul on Broja, the Albanian striker from Chelsea. The German referee does not hesitate and it is logical.

21:21 – Italy will not have doubted for long

After this goal conceded after only 23 seconds of play, Italy did not collapse and reacted quickly. It took fifteen minutes for Luciano Spalletti’s players to take the advantage thanks to these goals from Bastoni (11th) and Barella (16th).

21:18 – GOAL! Barella gives Italy the advantage (2-1)

Italy is already taking the advantage in this meeting! On a ball badly repelled by the Albanian defense, Barella takes a half-volley with the outside of his foot and catapults the ball into the small net of Strakosha, who can do nothing. 2-1 for Italy after 17 minutes of play! What a reaction.

21:15 – This goal calmed the Albanian supporters

The Italian goal scored by Alessandro Bastoni calmed the Albanian supporters present in the stands in Dortmund. But above all put Italy back on the right track in this match after a catastrophic start.

21:11 – GOAL for Italy! Bastoni equalizes (1-1)

Italy will not have doubted for long! On a two-played corner, Pellegrini combines with Dimarco and then crosses to the far post where Bastoni emerges to deceive Strakosha with a powerful header. 1-1 between Albania and Italy after 11 minutes of play!

21:10 – A historic goal for Bajrami

Bajrami has just scored the fastest goal in Euro history this evening against Italy, after only 23 seconds of play.

21:09 – First corners for Albania

Albania gets a first corner in this match on the left side of the field. The Italian defense pushes back but the ball is sent for a corner by Jorginho. The second corner is better returned this time, by Di Lorenzo, but the Nazionale does not seem calm.

21:06 – The Albanians are overexcited

Already largely committed to the Albanian cause, Signal Iduna Park ignited since Bajrami’s goal in the first minute of play. It’s very, very noisy in Dortmund and Albania is almost playing at home.

21:03 – Pellegrini misses the target

Italy is very close to reacting quickly to the action that follows but Pellegrini fails to find the target on a cross from the right.

21:02 – GOAL! Albania surprises Italy from the start (0-1)!

Albania takes the advantage in this meeting from the first seconds. After a touch found in the Italian camp by Albania, Dimarco wants to restart full axis but sends the ball too slowly. Bajrami emerges to recover, hook Bastoni and deceive Donnarumma in a tight angle with a powerful strike. 1-0 for Albania after a minute of play!

9:01 p.m. – It’s off to Italy and Albania!

German referee Felix Zwayer whistles the kick-off for this Group B match between Italy and Albania in Dortmund! It is the Albanians who start in this first period.