DIRECT. French swimming championships: Léon Marchand did not force himself, follow the finals

DIRECT French swimming championships Leon Marchand did not force himself

The second day of the French swimming championships saw five French men and women qualify for the Games, including Léon Marchand in the 400m medley.

19:28 – This is the end of this second day

The second day of the French championships ends with the title and qualification for Leon Marchand in the 400m medley. The French championships continue tomorrow for the rest of the competition.

19:20 – Léon Marchand without forcing

Léon Marchand clearly performed in this 400m medley, winning without forcing in 4’10.62. He finished very quietly on the crawl, dropping almost three seconds off his record during the last 50m. The ticket is largely validated.

19:15 – Here we go for Léon Marchand

Léon Marchand sets off for his first Olympic qualification of the week, and will certainly want to make an impression before the Games. Qualifying in 4’12.50 is certainly not the question.

19:07 – Victory for Lucile Tessariol

Only two girls finally went under two minutes in this final. The women’s 4x200m relay is clearly not assured, it will be up to the federation to decide if it decides to field the relay.

19:02 – The final of the 200m freestyle

There should be no individual qualification for the 200m freestyle, since you have to reach 1’57. We should see times around 1’59 during this final.

18:55 – Two new qualifiers for Paris

Victory for Mewen Tomac in 52’88, ahead of Yohann Dnoye-Brouard in 52’90! The two Frenchmen are well below the Olympic minimums and will be present in the 100m backstroke.

18:51 – The men’s 100m backstroke in a few minutes

The A final of the 100m backstroke will begin, with two favorite men who must go below 53’74 to qualify. There should be no problem for Mewen Tomac and Yohann Ndoye-Brouard since both went below in the playoffs this morning.

18:37 – French record for Emma Terebo

It went very, very quickly in this 100m backstroke, with three girls falling below the French record! Emma Terebo won the final in 58’79 and will go to the Games. She will be accompanied by Béryl Gastadello, second and who is also well under the minimum qualifying time. There were four of them to go under the 59’59 qualifying time. These are the first two qualifiers of the evening!

6:30 p.m. – Competition in the 100m backstroke

There are five of them who can hope to qualify for the 100m backstroke in this final of the French championships, which promises to be very close.

18:25 – No qualifier in the 200m freestyle

While Léon Marchand decided to skip this discipline for the Games, it was Hadrien Salvan who won these French championships in 1’46.72. However, it does not qualify for Olympic qualification, but Hadrien Salvan qualifies for the relay.

18:23 – Time for the 200m freestyle

You will have to swim 1’46.26 to qualify for the 200m freestyle. If no one has ever swum this time, the final is very open and there are places to be taken for the relay.

18:15 – No qualification for Cyrielle Duhamel

The swimmer from Béthune finished in 4’40.96 and did not meet the minimum requirements to participate in the Olympic Games. He missed out on the crawl to hope to go below the qualifying times. She will still have the opportunity to qualify in her specialty, the 200m medley.

18:13 – Cyrielle Duhamel early

The Frenchwoman, the main chance of qualifying for the Games in the 400m 4N, is two seconds ahead of her personal best at halfway. It is at the limit of the minimums.

18:10 – Start of the A final of the 400m medley

Let’s go for the final of the women’s 400m 4N. You will need to achieve 4’38.53 to qualify

18:01 – Let’s go for the 400m 4N

The first final of the day started with the B final of the women’s 400m medley. No qualifications available at the moment.