Dijksma struggles with foie gras activists who stand with their noses against the restaurant window

Again actions against foie gras at restaurants in Utrecht

Duck or goose liver

Foie gras is fatty liver and is produced by overfeeding ducks or geese, which causes the liver to swell. This excessive feeding often takes place under duress. Foie gras is a product that is not produced in the Netherlands, but may be sold. In France, foie gras has been a protected cultural and gastronomic heritage for many years.

According to animal activists, force-feeding is abuse and they are therefore against the consumption of foie gras. There is also a version of goose and duck liver that is produced in an animal-friendly manner, without force-feeding. This foie gras cannot be called foie gras because it is not produced in France. It is not known which goose liver the restaurants in Utrecht had on their menu.