Difficult to sleep on the flight – this is what you should do

A flight can be hell for someone who can’t sleep. The seat is uncomfortable, you can’t really stretch your legs and seconds feel like minutes, and minutes feel like hours. But there are actually things to do if you’re desperate for sleep.

1. Noise-cancelling headphones

If you can, be sure to invest in a pair of noise-canceling headphones. With a pair of noise-reducing headphones, you can easily get rid of the high noise level in the cabin, this will help you relax and thus fall asleep faster.

2. Neck pillow

A nice neck pillow will relieve your neck during the hours you sit on the plane and will thus help you relax.

3. Don’t watch movies or tablets

Try to switch off all distractions, such as movies or games. This will help you relax and you will thus fall asleep more easily.

4. Have a drink (in moderation)

If you are over 18 and used to drinking alcohol, you can have a drink to relax during the flight. In moderate amounts.

5. Seat with extra legroom

Book a seat with extra legroom. Stretching your legs during a long flight will make you more comfortable and the journey will feel less excruciating.

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Source: Aftonbladet