Difficult for the prime minister to speak in Lund

Difficult for the prime minister to speak in Lund



fullscreen Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson visited the Student Evening held in the City Hall in Lund on Wednesday. Sydsvenskan’s head of culture Ida Ölmedal was the moderator. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT

Student evening in Lund with Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson (M) barely started before slogans filled the hall.

– 30,000 people have been murdered in Gaza, shouted a woman from the stands.

– You are complicit in genocide!

Then protesters filled in climate messages:

– How dare you speak to students when you are destroying our future?

The Prime Minister stated that it is a fine tradition in Sweden that everyone is allowed to think differently and that everyone is allowed to speak. But it is also a tradition to speak one at a time, he stated.

Only after several minutes could he then begin his speech in front of Lund’s students. Later he was interrupted again and a woman was taken away by police.