difficult end of pre-campaign for Zemmour in Marseille

difficult end of pre campaign for Zemmour in Marseille

The quasi candidate, who has lost several supporters in recent days, left Marseille after 24 hours of complicated visit. He was followed by anti-fascist protesters. Its program has been cut short. Yet it was supposed to be a big field visit as the official announcement of his candidacy approached. His team recognizes it, the operation is failed.

With our special correspondent in Marseille, Julien chavanne

Zemmour clears “. The banner deployed this Saturday morning, November 27 by opponents on the cathedral of La Major set the tone for the second day of Eric Zemmour in Marseille.

The almost candidate had planned to pass on the Old Port, in contact with the fish merchants and the Marseillais. Finally, his morning comes down to a visit to the cathedral, greeted by a handful of supporters.

He was greeted, surprise, by the senator of the National Assembly Stéphane Ravier, who did not warn Marine Le Pen.

I thought it was not necessary to warn my candidate, since it is not a support for a candidate and he is not a candidate

Éric Zemmour is smiling a little.

Mr. Ravier, he has said it himself, is a great friend. We became friends three years ago when I came. So there you have it, anything can happen in life with friends. We will see, all this is not relevant for the moment.

So much for the political counterfire. Eric Zemmour’s team wanted to create a diversion, while the images of his wandering, Friday in the streets of the Panier district, are still not digested.

We will stop the delirium », Explains a close advisor to Eric Zemmour to justify the cancellation of the planned sequences on the Old Port.

The polemicist, who once again made the front page of the “people” press this week, left Marseille damaged.

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