Different and Different Fonts

Different and Different Fonts

Today we are going to show you Shaped, Different and Different Fonts. Different and different fonts are frequently used today to make the nick name attractive for those who play computer games. Instagram twitter Facebook Those who use style social media applications frequently use different fonts.

Arial Font

The model, which is among the most widely used fonts, is for HTML. most trustworthy is considered a font. Websites that have plenty of online articles and print media content prefer this font.

It is already available on Windows and iOS operating systems. The font, which met with users in 1982, a group of 10 people Designed by. It was originally an idea to use the Helvetica font without a license, so there are very minor differences between the two fonts.

Helvetica Font

helvetica font

An 80-minute documentary was made about him. font of the world the most popular fonts one of the templates. You can see its use almost everywhere, especially in advertisements and logos. It is so popular because it is designed so well for the purpose of typography. It offers a legible, easily recognizable and clear font.

The font, which is designed to be an easy-to-detect font on directional signs, without having other meanings in its form, has evolved over time from traffic signs to billboards. in many different fields started to be used.

Times New Roman Font style

times new roman typeface

Traditional a font style This model, which is one of the most well-known fonts and is generally used on news sites. The quoting style makes it easy to read and understand. In this way, it is ensured that the news read one after the other does not tire the user. It was first designed on the basis of a review article that was written that the failure of The Times newspaper was due to its typography, and The TimesIt is known that ‘ is started to be used as a new font.

Sans-Serif Fonts

sans-serif font

It is preferred for brochures, posters and similar modern uses. modern and simple This model is one of the most preferred writing styles on web pages. Since it is a nail-free model, it provides an image that is compatible with the contents of small texts.

In fact, Sans-Serif, which represents a font family, is used to describe many non-serif fonts. This model, which consists of letters with a straight beginning and end, sharp lines with attention. Sans-Serif, different fonts contains the group.

bodoni Font type

bodoni writing style

It is frequently used in web sites related to the media sector with its aesthetic structure and graphical design. Graphic design and advertising This font, which is indispensable for the sectors, is preferred in logo designs as well as decorative texts.

Sophisticated and understandable Aiming at clarity by offering an impact, the font symbolizes an impressive sense of character. The font, named after its own designer named Giambattista Bodoni in 1798, was also used on the poster of the movie Goodfellas.

courier Font Group

Courier Font Group

Generally librarians and it is known as the font of web pages that deal with serious business. At the same time, this font is required when a script is written for Hollywood. It has become a universal screenwriting standard that has been used for 100 years and hasn’t changed.

You can see that this font is used in the HTML font style in the notifications that come pre-installed in the operating systems. Font with fixed width spacing legible and even It provides a view.

Garamond Font

Garamond Font

Garamond, one of the most loved fonts, determined reflects a font character. The font, designed in 1996, has a quoted structure. It is frequently preferred in magazines and news pages with long texts.

The most famous of serif fonts, in the trunks of books it comes up too much. The design, which allows for fast reading, facilitates perception with its nailed structure. That’s why it is used by many publishers.

Trajan Font

Trajan Font

The preferred font for poster and banner designs, if you are preparing a movie site splendid by design it can make you throw very eye-catching headlines. Reflecting the writing style found on Roman tablets, the font has an epic feel. Decorative fonts Considered from his family, Trajan can also be used in office or venue decorations.

Comic Sans MS Shaped Fonts

Comic Sans MS Shaped Fonts

In addition to being one of the most controversial fonts in the world, it is also accepted as the most used writing style. by professional designers frivolous the font that is not liked because it appears feeling of insecurity thought to be created. However, it is quite suitable for entertaining sites. Comic Sans MS, shaped fonts in a class font stands out as.

Although this font was originally designed to appeal to children, dyslexia It is known to be useful to people in the world. Even so, it was seen that petitions were started to ban the use of the font around the world.

cardo Fonts

Cardo Font

This font, which allows the use of special characters in many languages, can be used in bold italic and normal options. The old-fashioned writing style is on the pages of traditional brands. rooted a brand perception it creates.

This writing style first deals with the Middle Ages and the Bible. academics and linguists was developed for Cardo, a serif font, is easy to read with its quotation marks. Most different fonts are among.

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