Dick Axelsson points out who decides in Swedish hockey today – the new slip to rival Joel Lundqvist

“How long will Joel be allowed to decide in Swedish hockey?”.
Dick Axelsson exclaimed about Joel Lundqvist once upon a time.
Today, Djurgårdsprofilen has a different view of it.
– But it is still…, says Axelsson to Sportbibeln.

It was in the SM final 2019 between Djurgården and Frölunda that Dick Axelsson uttered the now classic quote “how long will Joel be allowed to decide in Swedish hockey?”. It was, of course, about the rival Joel Lundqvist.

Dick vs. Joel

Dick Axelsson’s question was directed to the referee of the match, and the exchange of words between the parties was captured by the referee’s “ref-cam”.
– Joel? Joel does not decide in Swedish hockey, says the referee.
– Doesn’t he? Show it then!, Axelsson replies in the clip that was released and went viral.

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190502 Djurgården’s Dick Axelsson and Frölunda’s Joel Lundqvist in a fight during final 6 of the SM ice hockey finals between Djurgården and Frölunda on May 2, 2019 in Stockholm. Photo: Joel Marklund / BILDBYRÅN / code JM / 87927

Both before and after the incident, Dick Axelsson and Joel Lundqvist have been rivals on the ice, and poked and prodded at each other in the media and on social platforms. Among other things, about exactly that – who decides in Swedish hockey. But off the ice, the duo are good friends.

Decide today

Today, both SHL icons have ended their professional hockey careers. Lundqvist now works as an expert in TV4’s hockey broadcasts, which he combines with being a lecturer and businessman. Axelsson, who officially ended his hockey career more recently, is currently enjoying the freedom and focusing on fatherhood. At the same time as he thinks about what awaits him next.

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180319 Färjestad’s Dick Axelsson during the warm-up before quarter-final 1 in the SM final in ice hockey between Färjestad and Skellefteå on March 19, 2018 in Karlstad. Photo: Fredrik Karlsson / BILDBYRÅN / code FK / Cop 185

Something Dick, on the other hand, does not have to think about is who decides in Swedish hockey today.
– Haha, I still am, as long as I live! Until I’m 100, then someone else can take over.
– But Joel, he has clearly put himself in a good position there, with expressing himself and stuff. I only have my social media I can express myself in right now. But it’s still me! Unofficially maybe, not officially then…, says Dick Axelsson to Sportbibeln.

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