Diane Leyre shares her favorite product for beautiful Miss France hair – And it’s French!

Diane Leyre shares her favorite product for beautiful Miss France

To ensure impeccable beauty on the Dancing with the Stars floor, Diane Leyre relied on this French brand, an expert in dermatological care. What are her beauty secrets?

As she prepares to participate in season 13 of Dance with the stars, Diana Leyre takes care of her appearance with a French product which seems to have worked miracles on her Miss France hair. What is this beauty ally that you can find in pharmacies?

Diane Leyre’s miracle capsules

On her Instagram account, Diane Leyre published, on February 6, a carousel of photos revealing her new mane in great shape. If her hair is often worked on by straightening and blow-drying, Miss France 2022 naturally has the curly and voluminous hair, which she found thanks to a product. Indeed, the beauty queen is a fan of capsules from the Novophane range, from the Laboratoire ACM brand. For three months, the brunette took two capsules every morning with her breakfast. Results: slowed hair loss, strengthened hair fiber and increased volume. Diane Leyre therefore relies on ACM which is a French pharmaceutical laboratory, leader in dermatological care which is present in more than 80 countries and which seems to work wonders on its hair beauty.

Diane Leyre’s beauty secrets

In addition to taking care of her hair, Diane Leyre also has makeup tips to enhance her skin. Celle will dance with Yann-Alrick Mortreuil on the TF1 set from February 16 revealed on TikTok her secret to obtaining a tanned complexion, without UV. To do this, she only uses two products: a moisturizer and self-tanner. So, the 26-year-old star mixes a few drops of her Drunk Elephant brand self-tanner with her The Ordinary moisturizer, then applies it all over her face. Her extra tip: she applies it to the fingers for a natural finish.