Diane Leyre, Miss France 2022, has physical complexes that we would never have imagined

Diane Leyre Miss France 2022 has physical complexes that we

Although she represented French beauty in 2022, Diane Leyre has physical complexes that she finds difficult to get rid of. She spoke openly in an interview.

Diane Leyre, who will represent France in the Miss Universe competition which will take place on November 18, 2023, gave an interview to TF1. In this video published on November 6, the beauty queen reveals his strong physical complexes.

Miss France 2022 doesn’t like her body

It is in El Salvador that the 72nd edition of the Miss Universe competition will take place. Diane Peyre, Miss Île-de-France who was elected Miss France 2022, will defend the colors of the tricolor flag. A challenge that the Frenchwoman dreamed of. “When I presented myself to Miss Paris, my goal was Miss Universe”, she declared to TF1. If she displays a dream figure and dazzling beauty, the star admits to not always feeling beautiful.I’m a former hyper-self-conscious person, I still am. I left with a lot of scars at Miss France”, she confessed. Diane Leyre has difficulty getting rid of this long-standing uneasiness. “I was self-deprecating. I really have a love-hate relationship with my body. I love it for its physical capabilities, I hate it for the way it looks,” she confided. However, the brunette aged 26 tends towards self-acceptance to fully flourish. “I’m in therapy with myself, I’m learning to love myself again”, she pointed out.

Diane Leyre’s beauty secrets

To appreciate her physical appearance, Diane Leyre takes care of her skin and has notably shared her tips for looking good. The one who preceded Indira Ampiot, crowned Miss France 2023, revealed on TikTok her secret for displaying a tanned complexion without UV. For this, she only uses two products: a moisturizer and self-tanner. Diane Leyre mixes a few drops of her Drunk Elephant self-tanner with her The Ordinary moisturizer, then applies it all over her face. The added tip: she doesn’t use a brush and applies it with her fingers for a natural finish. Clever!