Diablo 4: Player explains that leveling glyphs is totally boring

Leveling glyphs is a vexing issue in Diablo 4. It takes time until you get the necessary experience points for the glyphs. A player now has some ideas on how this could be done faster – but he is getting a lot of backlash in the comments.

What are glyphs actually?

  • Glyphs are important stones that you can socket into your Paragon boards
  • They bring benefits to your build and unlock surrounding passive points
  • You have to be level 50 and level up according to your sockets
  • To level the glyphs, you have to complete nightmare dungeons
  • Blizzard doesn’t specify exactly how many experience points are needed to level the glyphs to the maximum level. The fan-made Glyph XP Calculator reveals that leveling up the glyphs is a lot of work.

    A player complains in the reddit forum that he is tired of leveling his glyphs. He therefore provides some suggested solutions for what Blizzard could change.

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    This is how Blizzard could make leveling glyphs easier

    What does he suggest as a solution? In his opinion, the number of experience points gained could be doubled, but even then it would require numerous nightmare dungeons for the glyphs to be at maximum level. Even if the experience points gained would scale with higher seals.

    Alternatively, the most common glyphs could be account- and season-bound so that you don’t have to level twice.

    There are other great suggestions in the comments. The best idea for the user comes from a player who suggests that there should be bonus experience points. For example, Blizzard could reward players if they defeat all monsters, complete the dungeon in a certain time or do not use revives.

    What do other players think? However, the general mood is different: Many users think that the player shouldn’t complain. A season lasts three months, so it’s okay not to have all glyphs at maximum level after just three weeks.

    We picked out some of the comments to give you an idea of ​​what many players think about glyph leveling (via reddit.com):

  • gucci_prada_de_nada: “It’s crazy that there is literally one person complaining about every single feature of the game. If you’re tired, the developers can’t help you, you have to go to sleep earlier and prioritize your rest.”
  • Ohkodon: “Why are you actually playing? You are tired and bored of everything and want to be 100 after 6 hours. You guys are just so damn boring and you just make the games shittier and shittier.”
  • Rhosts: “I recently got my second character’s glyphs to 21. It was fun to have things that continue to gain power after reaching 100. Right now the glyph level speed is almost perfect.”
  • So there are a lot of players who would be against Blizzard increasing the experience points for the glyphs. They like the incentive that there is still something to do after reaching level 100.

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