Diablo 4: Necromancer Build – Binds dozens of enemies and can survive anything

Here you will find a powerful build for the Necromancer in Diablo 4 – with full spec, important legendary aspects and recommendations for your equipment.

What build is this? You will find here a Bonespear Build / Bone Spear Build for the Necromancer of Diablo 4, which is completely without skeletons and golem.

I’ve already played through the campaign twice with the Necromancer and tried a lot. After several hours with the skeletons, I have to say: try a build with the “bone spear” as a core skill, the necro can not only summon!

I enhanced my own Bonespear build from the level phase with parts of the Bonespear build from the Maxroll.gg site. For more details, check out the English site (via maxroll.gg).

Noticed: The build is a base that allows you to specialize even further. You can count on it from level 50 and keep adding synergies for the Vulnerability debuff, your bone skills, critical hits and your shadow damage. Here you can find a level guide for the Necro.

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Diablo 4: Necromancer – Bone Spear Build

How does the build work? You rely fully on the debuff “Vulnerability” and scale as much as possible with the effect. You draw essence from Corpse Blast and the Bone Shards basic skill.

With your “Bone Spear” together with “Splintering Aspect” you distribute “Vulnerability” to everything in the line of sight and not only increase your damage, but also the damage of the whole group. Here are the key points of the build:

  • Bone Spear and Vulnerability
  • Shadow damage with plague and corpse explosion
  • Enemy control with corpsevines and plague
  • Safe escape with Blood Mist
  • All minions are sacrificed for bonuses
  • “Corpse Tendrils” is probably the strongest control effect of Diablo 4. The legendary “Aspect of the Void” gives you another skill that pulls opponents together: “Pest” acts like a black hole and pulls in all hostiles.

    If your screen is full of enemies, dozens of enemies can be pulled together in a small spot and with “corpse explosion” and plague you spread an uncomfortably large amount of DoT (Damage over Time).

    Always make sure to make your opponents vulnerable with Bone Spear and not to exhaust your essence supply too much – the more essence you have, the stronger you are.

    For the extra charge of survivability, you then have “Blood Mist”. The skill makes you immune to everything, even removes negative effects. But you are a bit slower and need to use the skill judiciously. However, you can survive everything that Diablo 4 throws at you.

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    Bone Spear Build – Starting aspects

    What do you need to start? To start the build you need 2 Legendary Aspects. One of them can be found in dungeons (but looted aspects are always more powerful):

    By the way: If you are looking for a build with summons, check out the GameStar colleagues (via gamestar.de / payment items).

    Bone Spear Build – Skill / Skills

    Here you will find all skills with the 58 total possible skill points:

  • Basic Skills
  • Acolyte’s Bone Shards (1/5)
  • core skills
  • Paranormal Bone Spear (5/5)
  • Supernatural Plague (5/5)
  • Flayed Flesh (3/3)
  • Nonliving Energy (3/3)
  • Off Balance (3/3)
  • Corpse & Macabre Skills 1
  • Plagued Corpse Explosion (1/5)
  • Blood Mist (1/5)
  • Blood Harvest (3/3)
  • Powerful Death (3/3)
  • Corpse & Macabre Skills 2
  • Plagued Corpse Vines (1/5)
  • Necrotic Shell (3/3)
  • Tooth armored (3/3)
  • Open hernia (3/3)
  • Tear out (3/3)
  • Ultimate Skills
  • Stand alone (3/3)
  • Momento Mori (3/3)
  • Core passive skills
  • Book of the Dead
  • Warrior: Sacrifice skirmisher
  • Mage: Sacrifice Cold
  • Golem: Sacrifice Iron
  • The “Blood Mist” is a very powerful escape that can save almost any situation. If you don’t need the protection (yet), you can also take the Ultimate Bone Skill “Bone Storm” with you.

    In addition, there are strong aspects for the Necromancer that you can use to create a lot of essence – such as “Aspect of Shadow”. If you notice that you can produce enough essence without the basic skill “Bone Splinters”, you can orientate yourself differently here. Maxroll.gg switches to the bone prison.

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    Bone Spear Build – Gear Stats & Gems

    Here we list the value suggestions for the individual equipment slots with matching gems. The most important values ​​come first.

  • weapon
  • emerald
  • Two-handed sword or two-handed scythe
  • Damage to vulnerable enemies
  • Critical hit damage
  • damage core skills
  • head protection
  • ruby
  • Maximum Essence
  • maximum life
  • intelligence
  • chest protector
  • ruby
  • Damage bone skills
  • maximum life
  • Damage
  • Gloves
  • Critical hit chance
  • Stage Bone Spear
  • leg armor
  • ruby
  • damage reduction
  • maximum life
  • intelligence
  • Boots
  • movement speed
  • intelligence
  • amulet
  • diamond
  • Damage bone skills
  • Damage
  • rings
  • diamond
  • Critical hit chance
  • Critical hit damage
  • Critical Hit Damage Bone Skills
  • Maximum Essence
  • Later in the game you will receive “Unique Items” that always come with set stats. Here you have to decide whether you want the effect of the item to have a value that you would like. In order to be able to estimate the strength of the values, you have to activate Settings beforehand.

    What’s next? Set your nodes and glyphs on the Paragon board to match the skills. Use the boards:

  • carnivore
  • smell of death
  • bone graft
  • Focus on intelligence and dexterity, strengthen your bone skills and critical hits and also think about your defense.

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