Diablo 4 Lunar Awakening: Players Discuss the Event, Wondering “What Did You Expect?”

“Lunar Awakening” is currently running in Diablo 4. The community is divided – some are disappointed, others don’t think the event is that bad. But there is one thing that the players seem to particularly like.

Based on the typical “Chinese New Year events”, in Diablo 4 you will receive bonuses during the “Lunar Awakening” and can earn some rewards, as well as a “hidden player title”.

On Reddit, players are currently discussing the duration of the event, the rewards and the Lunar Shrines. Opinions about the event content are mixed. But when it comes to the Lunar Shrines – especially one special one – there are players who say: It can stay that way.

Here you can see a trailer for the contents of “Lunar Awakening”:

Diablo 4: Lunar Awakening – All new content from the event

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More gold and a chance at treasure goblins

What do the players want to keep? On Reddit, user “BackgroundPrompt3111” wrote on February 7th that the change to Shrines of Greed should be permanent so that they are no longer “completely useless.”

The Shrines of Greed in Diablo 4 ensure that monsters drop more gold when you kill them. There is also a chance to summon a Treasure Goblin using the Shrine during Lunar Awakening.

In a comment, “ComplaintPolice” writes that the Shrines of Greed are currently “the best shrine because it is the only one that can lead to getting 2 legendary items. All other shrines are a buff for the player themselves and do not directly lead to any rewards.”

And “Pizza125678” writes that the shrines “are incredible.” He chased two treasure goblins through a vault and took everything with him. That was “a stunner”.

In our case, the Shrine of Greed was part of an event and several Treasure Goblins spawned. You can see them on the minimap and on the golden portal that opens at the position:

The event is “intended for casual players”

What are the opinions about the event? The community is conflicted about the Lunar Awakening event. Some are disappointed, others don’t think it’s bad. Some players seem irritated by the length of the event.

One user on Reddit writes, “I thought the event was nice for grinding… 30 minutes (or 4 nightmare dungeons) and you’re done.” In the comments, “heartbroken_nerd” notes that he doesn’t think the event is bad. It’s quick and easy to get the cosmetics and you’ll still hit the shrines afterwards.

One user notes that you can still benefit from the shrines if you have already completed the event. The XP bonus is “pretty nice,” at least in nightmare dungeons. “Demibolt” comments: “Guys… it’s a small 2-week event. It’s intended for casual players to play through and have some fun with the shrines.”

In another Reddit post, players discuss the event’s class-specific rewards. They criticize that you cannot collect every reward with your current season character. One user commented that he had to create a few new characters to redeem the rewards. “Pretty stupid.”

The problem will be fixed in a future patch, wrote the community manager on X on February 8th. Players should then be able to unlock the rewards for other classes.

Some Reddit users notice that people always seem to have something to complain about. One user writes that if an event is too “grindy,” people get angry. And if it’s not “grindy,” they are too.

If you’re just starting the “Lunar Awakening” and want to secure the rewards, we’ve summarized how to do it efficiently here: Diablo 4 Lunar Awakening: This is how you farm the event in under an hour