Diablo 4: Lilith statues with map

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In the Diablo 4 Beta, explore the Shattered Peak area. A total of 28 Lilith statues can be found here, which provide account-wide stat bonuses. Here you will find a map with all locations in the beta.

Where can I find the Liltih statues? The statues are spread all over the map. Players have already found all the statues on Reddit. Here you will find a map and the numbered statues:

What do the statues bring? Progress from the beta will not carry over into the final main game, apart from a few minor visual tweaks. So it’s more of an occupational therapy at the moment.

If you’re enjoying the beta, though, it’s a nice quest to keep playing in the beta a little longer with your favorite classes.

You also get a stat bonus for each statue you activate. The bonus is account-wide and applies to all your characters. You can get one of the following bonuses:

  • +2 strength
  • +2 Intelligence
  • +2 willpower
  • +2 Dexterity
  • +8 health
  • In addition, some of the altars increase your limit for obols. Which bonus you get is independent of your classes. In barbarian also gets intelligence, a sorcerer gets strength.

    In addition, you get a little gold, experience points and reputation in the area. You get these rewards with every character. Especially because of the reputation it can be worthwhile in the full game to activate the statues with several characters.

    The Lilith Statues are a large-scale collection task that should take quite a bit of time even in the full game. But the value bonuses are not without. And since you collect for all characters, you get a strong stat boost even for newly created characters.

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