Diablo 4 is coming to Game Pass – you can play it as early as next month

Diablo 4’s player base is expected to grow significantly in just a few weeks. Because Diablo 4 is coming to Game Pass in March.

When it became apparent on the horizon that Microsoft would absorb the gaming group Activision Blizzard, it was only a matter of time before the first games came to PC Game Pass. This has been discussed for a long time. That time has now come for a big title from Blizzard, as Diablo 4 will be added to Game Pass in March 2024. We have all the information about it.

This event is currently running in Diablo 4, the Lunar Awakening:

Diablo 4: Lunar Awakening – All new content from the event

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What is Game Pass? Microsoft’s PC Game Pass is a subscription model in which you can play numerous games for a monthly price – depending on the variant, either on the Xbox, on the PC or even on both devices at the same time. Over time, more and more games will be included in this offering, making the subscription model more attractive.

Where does the information come from? From Microsoft itself. Because the official X/Twitter account for PC Game Pass announced on the evening of February 15th, 2024 that Diablo IV will be available in Game Pass from March 28th, 2024.

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From then on, if you are a subscriber, you can immerse yourself in the world of Sanctuary and join everyone else in being upset about the fact that, of course, your class is the worst at the moment.

This is how the community reacts: The announcement that Diablo IV will be playable on Game Pass in the future has been met with mixed feelings in the community. While many are happy that they will soon be able to immerse themselves in the action adventure at very low cost, there is also criticism of the decision. There is often still the perception that including a title in a large subscription model means that a game has failed – and some people also regret having paid the full price for Diablo 4 back then.

Will you play Diablo IV on Game Pass? Or do you already own the game and don’t benefit from it at all?

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