Diablo 4 announces the first beta and fans are already afraid of a feature

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Blizzard recently announced the first Diablo 4 closed beta test. Endgame content from veterans is to be tested there. However, one of these contents met with great rejection even before the test.

Which feature is it? Diablo 4 will have a system similar to what Diablo 3 currently has with bounties. Blizzard introduced the feature along with the content of the Diablo 4 closed beta.

Whispers of the Dead is one of those endgame features being tested. Tasks that grant you loot and experience points, as well as a new currency: ghastly gifts, appear regularly on the map. These can be exchanged for even more rewards at the Whispering Tree.

Similarly, bounties currently work in Diablo 3, except the whisper in the description says “New ones are added throughout the day [Geflüster] available for you to pursue.”

Fans now see it as a daily system that they don’t want to work with at all. Among other things, they give their concerns a loud voice on reddit.

The idea of ​​the necromancer as the last class for release, on the other hand, has excited many people:

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“It’s a terrible system”

What fans say: The fears of potential players are now that they will be prevented from efficient farming by daily limits. Diablo Immortal already works with such daily limits, beyond which a grind brings very little.

A featured and highly upvoted comment states:

With a weekly/daily system, the best way is to log in and play for 2-3 hours every day. Miss a day and you miss progress. Do you want to play more than 3 hours? Bad luck, the progress is throttled, better log in tomorrow. It’s a terrible system that controls how you approach the game.

In Diablo 2/3 I can play 10 hours a weekday or 5 hours each 2 days a week and make the same progress. You have the freedom to play the game as much or as little as you want without losing progress.

Hopefully they’ll just mirror Diablo 3’s season journey and make the battle pass based on time like CoD does.

SwaghettiYolonese_ on reddit

Timegating mostly seems to bother core fans who like to play a lot but can’t do it every day. For example, if work doesn’t allow you to log in every day, but catch up on the weekend, that’s not possible with such limits.

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Does it really get that bad? Some dissenting voices on reddit explain that the whispers could simply be rotating bounties. There was no mention of a daily system and the tasks are simply available 24/7.

The only problem might be that bounties are generally not fun.

How exactly these whispers or bounties and the other endgame activities will ultimately look like, we can only say with certainty at release anyway. In the beta, the content is tested and adjusted if necessary.

If you want to get an idea in advance, you have to hope for an invitation. Blizzard will distribute them to players with a lot of playing time in Diablo 2: Resurrected, Diablo 3 and Diablo Immortal until mid-October. However, the beta itself is under an NDA, so no information may be shared.

The fact that this does not always protect is shown by the current Diablo 4 Family & Friends test. Some players simply do not follow the rules:

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