Diablo 4: All information about Season 4

A small change in Diablo 4 reveals the start date for Season 4. It comes in May and starts on the same day that Season 3 ends. Here you can find out everything that is known so far and when it starts.

Update from March 29th: We have updated the article with the latest information.

When does Season 4 start?

  • Season 3 will be extended, which will push the new season back. The new start date for Season 4 is Tuesday, May 14, 2024. A small change in the banner shows the season transition when you start Diablo 4.
  • We don’t know the exact time yet. Previously, 7:00 p.m. was a popular time for such updates.
  • There will probably be a corresponding patch in advance, maintenance work is not excluded.
  • Before the new season, a “PTR” (Public Test Realm) will be installed where players have the opportunity to test the new content in advance. From April 2nd to April 9th, the public test realm will be available to anyone with a Battle.net version of Diablo 4.

    Shortly before the launch, Blizzard published the patch notes for the PTR. We have summarized the most important information for you and explained how you can test the patch:

    That comes with Season 4

    What’s in Season 4? So far there is no information about the season theme, the seasonal quest series or the special mechanics. As a reminder: Season 1 brought special gems into play with malicious hearts and in Season 2 you could gain special vampire powers. In Season 3, the mechanical seneschal companion was the core theme.

    In the last “Campfire Chat” livestream, the developers reported on the numerous updates for Season 4 that they have been working on for months. The following new features are coming to Diablo 4:

  • New crafting system: In Season 4 you have two options to adapt your items to your builds. With “Tempering” you add new affixes to items, with “Masterworking” you upgrade the values ​​of your affixes. And improving items costs significantly less.
  • Smaller affix pool with stronger, “noticeable” stats: In Season 4 there will be a smaller pool of affixes, which will remove many duplicate or conditional effects. The total values ​​of the affixes are increased. The amount of affixes on items themselves will also be reduced. Legendary affixes can drop in a “larger” version that is 1.5 times as powerful.
  • Aspects no longer clog chests and inventory: In Season 4, legendary aspects will be transferred to your Code of Power when you dismantle items.
  • Less “useless” loot: Enemies level 95 and above now always drop level 925 items. Unique items and Uber Uniques drop at earlier levels. At world level 3 only “holy” items drop, at world level 4 only “bequeathed” items drop. The acting will also be revised in Season 4. You can then trade Legendaries and Uniques, unless they are Uber Uniques or items that are account bound through crafting.
  • New endgame content: A new boss is moving in with Andariel, who, according to the developers, drops the same loot as Duriel. And in the new activity “The Pit”, you will find new materials, the “Stygian Stones”, which you can use to summon “level 200” versions of the bosses.
  • Infernal Tide Rework: The more monsters you slaughter, the more your “threat” increases. At maximum threat, assassins appear who are targeting you. Using currency found in Tormented Gifts, you can also start a new event for a boss fight and powerful rewards. In addition, the hellfloods in Season 4 are also available at world levels 1 and 2.
  • The leaderboards moved into Diablo 4 in Season 3 and will continue to exist afterwards. You can find out more about the leaderboards in the video:

    Diablo 4: The developers talk about the leaderboards and how you get there

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    This will disappear with Season 3

    What content is tied to Season 3? All rewards you get in the Battle Pass are related to Season 3 and can only be unlocked during this period. If you want to secure a few more fancy cosmetics, you should complete the Battle Pass.

    Your seasonal characters move to the Eternal Realm after the season, because: In each new season you have to create a new character and upgrade from level 1 again. So the looting and leveling starts all over again.

    If you want to continue playing with them there and still need a few strong items, you can still farm items until the end of the season. Here you can find out which bosses give you certain uniques for your build.

    What else do I have to do? If you have only started with Season 3, or Season 4 is your first in Diablo 4, we recommend completing the campaign to start the new season straight away. You have an advantage at the beginning if you reveal the map and activate the waypoints, as this is carried over.

    It is also worth completing the region progress in the areas. This will give you some bonuses for your new character, which will make getting started a lot easier. Additionally, don’t forget to “collect” the Lilith Altars. You can find out why this is important here: Diablo 4: 5 unwritten rules that you should never break