Developer works on Skyrim and Fallout for 17 years, brings his own heavy metal horror game to Steam

A former developer of Skyrim and Fallout is working on his first own game on Steam. There is now a new trailer for the heavy metal horror game.

What game is this about? The Axis Unseen is the original game of Nathan Purkeypile, a developer who previously spent 17 years working on the worlds and level designs of games like Skyrim and Fallout. Now his first original game is coming to Steam: a heavy metal horror game.

A few days ago there was a new trailer that not only presented gameplay but also announced the release date for The Axis Unseen:

The Axis Unseen will be released in October 2024

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When will the game be released? We can’t give you an exact release date yet. However, the trailer already revealed a fairly “small” time frame that isn’t that far away. The Axis Unseen is set to launch on Steam in October 2024.

What awaits you? In The Axis Unseen, you take on the role of a skilled hunter who sets you on the hunt for nightmarish monsters in a mysterious world. In the trailer you can take a look at the different creatures you can encounter in the game.

Some of these creatures look quite creepy. From horned giants to humanoid figures with limbs that are far too long or skeleton deer, you can expect a lot of enemies in the game that could have just come straight out of a nightmare.

You go hunting with a bow and play from a first-person perspective. Since you are the hunter and the hunted, you have to keep developing yourself over the course of the game with new equipment and new skills. For example, you discover elemental arrows or collect advanced sensory abilities by killing creatures.

Become a better hunter through enhanced sensory abilities

With these enhanced sensory abilities, you can, for example, detect odor particles and the residual heat of living creatures. These then help you to better find your prey in the open world or to avoid areas for which you are not prepared.

What are the reactions? Many players write in their comments (via YouTube) that they can hardly wait to play The Axis Unseen. The anticipation seems to be great not only because a former developer of well-known games is responsible for it. He seems to have created a world and a concept that appeals to many players.

“I love the different colors & giant creatures coming out of the fog. Very atmospheric,” writes one user in his comment. “And a soundtrack by Clifford Meyer? What?” another user expresses his enthusiasm about the music, which you can also hear in the trailer.

Above all, many players seem to want to play The Axis Unseen because they appreciate the developer’s previous work. One user writes in his comment: “I would follow the man who created Blackreach anywhere.” Many people found out about the new heavy metal horror game at the end of last year through a video: An MMO made the developers the “villains of the internet” and is celebrating 17 million players 5 years later.