Developer seeks rezoning for proposed subdivision in Courtland

Norfolk councilors back Waterford townhouse proposal

Norfolk County officials are studying a proposed new subdivision in Courtland.

Stubbes Property Development Inc. wants to build a 13-unit housing development at 17 Highway Cres.

The property is at the southeast corner of the Highway Crescent and Byerlay Side Road. There is a railroad line to the south, residential to the north and east, agricultural to the south and west and industrial to the north west.

The developer is asking for the property to be rezoned to hamlet residential from agricultural.

Plans call for 13 single-detached units to be built on the property.

County officials have not received any objections to the proposal. However, the proposed development is close to the Titan Trailers complex and there are some concerns with stormwater management and drainage in the area.

County staff will review the concerns prior to preparing a recommendation for council to consider.

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