Detained for 16 months, Rémy Quignolot begins a thirst strike in addition to hunger

Detained for 16 months Remy Quignolot begins a thirst strike

While Rémy Quignolot had already been on a hunger strike since September 11 to demonstrate against his detention in the Central African Republic, the Frenchman stopped drinking water on Thursday, September 22, now also on a thirst strike. Arrested in May 2021 in Bangui, he is accused ” threat to the internal security of the State “, of ” conspiracy ” and ” spying », in a context of tensions between Paris and Bangui. France says to itself very concerned and calls for his immediate release.

According to his lawyer, Arlette Sombo Dibelé, Rémy Quignolot is kept in pre-trial detention beyond the legal period of one year. His lawyer denounces a ” custody » which is similar to a « sequestration “, ensuring that no reasoned order for continued detention has been notified.

The Quai d’Orsay says to itself ” very concerned by his situation: France is very concerned about the situation of our compatriot Mr. Juan-Rémy Quignolot, imprisoned in the Central African Republic as part of a pre-trial detention that has lasted for more than 16 months, in violation of Central African criminal law. “, said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a press release.

Paris calls for its ” immediate release (…) awaiting trial “.

A concern shared by one of his supporters: Michel Thierry Atangana, himself imprisoned without cause for 17 years in Cameroon. He said he was extremely worried about the state of health of Rémy Quignolot. But he is reassured by the involvement of the French authorities in this case.

Michel Atangana says that the Quai d’Orsay’s “position” “reassures me and reassures his family”

The detainee’s sister, Caroline Quignolot, indicates that she has asked the International Center of the Red Cross (ICRC) to inquire about her state of health, she says she is very worried. A feeling shared by Michel Thierry Atangana, himself imprisoned without cause for 17 years in Cameroon. He fears that this situation will lead to the death of Rémy Quignolot and shares with us the current state of mind of the Frenchman.

For Michel Thierry Atangana, Rémy Quignolot’s hunger and thirst strikes “are a cry of alarm for him to regain his human dignity”

Bodyguard for several organizations in the Central African Republic

It must be judged in the next criminal session in October “Explained to AFP Eric Didier Tambo, public prosecutor at the Court of Appeal of Bangui. He faces forced labor for life.

A former soldier, Rémy Quignolot had worked occasionally for several organizations in the Central African Republic as a bodyguard, according to humanitarian sources.

Photos of his arrest had been posted on social networks, showing him with his hands tied behind his back, a large arsenal at his feet. Paris had then denounced a “ overt instrumentalization “aiming” France’s presence and action implicitly accusing Russia. Since 2018, Moscow has challenged its influence in this country among the poorest in the world.

Our embassy and our consular services, in Paris and Bangui, are fully mobilized “added the Quai d’Orsay on Friday, noting that” several steps (had) been made to the Central African authorities so that (his) rights are respected “.

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