Details: Turkish airstrikes against Kobane

Details Turkish airstrikes against Kobane

Published: Less than 20 min ago

Updated: Just now

fullscreen Image of Kobane. Archive image. Photo: Emrah Gurel/AP/TT

Kurdish forces in Syria state that Turkey has carried out airstrikes against the city of Kobane in the northern parts of the country.

Kobane “is being bombarded by Turkish aircraft,” writes Farhad Shami, a spokesman for the Kurdish-led military alliance SDF, on Twitter.

The information comes only a few days after Ankara singled out the PKK and PYD as responsible for the terrorist attack in Istanbul on November 13.

Turkey regularly equates the PKK – which is labeled a terrorist by Turkey, the US and the EU – with the PYD, which is the largest political organization among Kurds in Syria.

Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu has specifically singled out Kobane as the place where, according to Soylu, the main female suspect was ordered to carry out the bombing.

From the Kurdish side, the accusations have been completely refuted. The Kurdish umbrella organization KCK has accused the Turkish government of using the incident in Istanbul to justify an invasion of northern Syria.

The PYD’s armed wing YPG is a leading part of the SDF, which in 2015 drove the terrorist organization IS from Kobane.