Destiny 2 wants to inspire veterans and free players again with a big event

Bungie has a big event planned for Destiny 2 before The Final Shape takes place. Now the launch of “Into the Light” has been announced and the developers are letting players know that there is a lot to come.

Update, March 26: The second stream of the upcoming event “Into the Light” begins today. If you want to join us, tune in to Bungie’s Twitch channel at 6 p.m.

What kind of event is this? The upcoming event is “Into the Light.” Little is known about the actual event and players are left wondering what activities, items and armor they can expect. However, Bungie has told all players one thing: the event will be free and offer something to every type of player, whether new or veteran.

In keeping with the TWaB post on Thursday evening, Bungie has now revealed news regarding “Into the Light”. The developers are planning a total of three large live streams in which Bungie will address and present the various points of the event. The dates have been fixed.

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Bungie needs 3 streams to explain everything to you

What did Bungie say? The developers have announced the start of the streams and the actual release of the event. You should mark the following dates in your calendar:

  • First live stream: March 19th at 6 p.m
  • Second live stream: March 26th at 6 p.m
  • Third live stream: April 2nd at 6 p.m
  • Release of the event: April 9th, with update 7.3.6
  • The update is supposed to be huge, which is why Bungie decided to divide all the content into three separate streams and present it on Twitch. The developers will announce a lot of information in the streams and demonstrate it in a hands-on manner.

    Following a tip from our reader Millerntorian, there are also two emblems that you can secure via Twitch. You will receive both if you have spent enough time in the streams.

    You get the green one for 30 minutes of your time and the red one when you have spent a total of 2 hours in the streams.

    How much content can be expected? Bungie has not revealed anything about the content. However, the only thing players were allowed to see from the event was some key art, which we used as the cover image for our post. On this key art you can see how Hunter, Warlock and Titan fight against the flock on the PvP map “Downtown”.

    Many pyramid ships and monoliths of darkness can be seen in the sky. The Guardians fight together with Scorpius turrets, which were probably created in collaboration with the Vanguard and the Cabal.

    One could now speculate that the weapons and armor that the Guardians wear will be playable in the upcoming event. If that is the case, there could be some backlash from the community, as the armor is modified variants of the Noble Size, Fumiose Suit and Ego Claw armor sets.

    The weapons are the Falling Guillotine and the “Midnight Coup” handgun from the Calus Raid. Unfortunately, we were unable to identify the third weapon, so it could be a new shotgun.

    What do you think of the three stream dates that Bungie is preparing for you. Will you be there and watch or will you refrain from talking? Let us find out in the comments!

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