Destiny 2 The Final Shape Review Scores and Comments Are Here

Destiny 2 The Final Shape Review Scores and Comments Are

A new expansion pack has been released for the first-person shooter video game Destiny 2. The expansion pack of Destiny 2, which is highly appreciated by game lovers, took its place in the market as of June 4. While the first reviews about the package were positive, Metacritic average score is 81 out of 100 happened as. However, we can also say that the scores given by users were 7.2 out of 10. Let’s take a look at the Destiny 2 The Final Shape review scores and comments details together with Mobile readers…

How Did Destiny 2 The Final Shape Review Scores Come?

For the expansion pack, which is available for sale on Steam for $30, Steam users gave an average score of “mostly positive” in their feedback over the past week or so. The scores reflected on Metacritic were as follows:

  • Twinfinite – 100/100
  • But Why To – 90/100
  • Videogamer – 90/100
  • XboxEra – 70/100
  • GamersRD – 46/100

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What Are Destiny 2 The Final Shape Reviews?

Destiny 2 is known in the gaming industry as a remarkable production that has been experienced by millions of players to date. The game, which has received more than 600 thousand reviews to date, even on Steam alone, managed to achieve a “very positive” average opinion in these reviews. Still “free to playOf course, it is difficult to say that the new package for Destiny 2 on the Steam platform is as successful as the main game. However, for Destiny 2 The Final Shape; It can be said that it is on the market with a better average score than other recent expansion packages. Some of the comments about the new package are as follows:

“Destiny 2 The Final Shape,”The epic of Light and Darkness” is the masterpiece of the finale of its ten-year story. “It can be said that it is a unique expansion pack for the game, with a strong, compelling narrative, extraordinary character payoffs, inspiring gameplay and magnificent visuals and sound design.” – Twinfinite – 100/100

Destiny 2 The Final Shape Review Scores and Comments Are Here
Destiny 2 The Final Shape Review Scores and Comments Are Here

“Destiny 2 The Final Shape masterfully tells a story full of possibilities. fast-paced fights and balances with puzzles, all set in fascinating environments. “Most of the previous complaints regarding the barrier to entry into the game have been resolved, ensuring a smooth entry into the latest campaign.” – Videogamer – 90/100

“Some people hope Destiny 2 rebirth It’s not, but it’s still as fun to play as ever. However, if you’ve been feeling burned out, this expansion is unlikely to change that. It is difficult to say that it is worth its $50 price.” – XboxEra – 70/100

Bungie recently attempted to bring a satisfying end to his story with The Final Shape. Although the story and excessive recycling still leave negative impressions on us, the excellent graphic quality and beautiful music cannot be ignored. “This is the most expensive story we’ve ever seen in the video game industry.” – GamersRD – 46/100