Destiny 2 rates Guardians by number and creates class society

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Destiny 2’s Guardian Rank system has been a big topic in the community for the past week. For many, it’s just another meaningless number overhead, on top of which creates a class society that has essentially zero meaning. The system has a good soul – you just don’t see it.

Why is the Guardian Rank system so controversial? After logging into Destiny 2 Lightfall for the first time, many Guardians would see the number 6 for Veteran status emblazoned over their heads. This is the new Warden rank for experienced players. New players, on the other hand, start at Guardian Rank 1, which is clearly just the beginning of their Destiny experience.

Few players were interested in the fact that you get more loadout slots for higher ranks. Because the system is already one of the most hated and controversial features of the new DLC Lightfall.

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This is what the readers of MeinMMO say: We have already been able to capture voices from the German Destiny community on MeinMMO.

  • Our reader KingGamer86 writes: “There are enough players who know their way around but don’t have the opportunity to play everything or just don’t want to. The system tends to marginalize Guardians rather than helping them.”
  • The player Fly thinks: “What I find bad about the system that I already have […] the first [Spieler] see who are then looking for people who are at least rank 7 for activity XY [oder höher] are.”
  • WooDaHoo commented. “The rating system is absurd in its current form and does not provide realistic feedback. The fact that it offers the possibility of outwitting the system and dying your way up the fireteam speaks for itself.”
  • And Dorian says: “There is no added value for me if I have the highest rank somewhere, which in this case also means that I don’t know anything better to do with my time than to grind and then present said titles, which I bring what?”
  • A class society that hardly anyone wants

    “We don’t talk to 1ers: Due to the guardian rank system, a class society is inevitably formed in Destiny 2. In the past, the LFG was looking for experienced guardians. Today, the 11ers no longer talk to the 3ers because, given the number above their heads, they probably won’t know each other. You are subtly classified by number and then pigeonholed.

    But even as an 11er you are controversial, since some players in Destiny 2 have already cheated themselves to the higher ranks. You don’t trust anyone here, because it could be that he blew himself up for hours to get rank 10 or 11 for the most valuable appreciations.

    Destiny 2: Players will blow themselves up for Commendations – Bypass explosive new system

    Last but not least, the number 1-11 and the name “Guardian Rank System” has fueled a need for prestige that’s more bragging than a meaningful system.

    Our readers have correctly recognized the system’s problems. However, in my opinion, one important thing is often ignored that is worth pointing out. Basically, the system is not a bad idea, because despite all the criticism, it has a good soul with a lot of potential.

    The Guardian Rank system is actually a Guardian journey

    The name “Guardian Voyage” would have suited the system better

    For me, it is above all the classifying number above the head of the guardians that has almost completely destroyed this ranking system in the first three weeks. The pigeonhole thinking in classes and experience levels has never worked anywhere and certainly not in Destiny 2.

    Appreciations should be decoupled from ranks: I’ll let you talk to me about the appreciation system linked to the guardian rank system. The commendation cards that can be handed out at the end of an activity aren’t a bad thing.

    I don’t think thanks or praise should be tied to challenges or Guardian ranks in any way, though. It should just be an existing option to say thank you to someone if the player saved me from the invader in gambit or helped me through a raid with awesome calls.

    Bungie should really improve here and decouple the two systems. Also because I hardly have time to evaluate. So if you don’t remember the player’s name or what they look like, and you immediately click thanks, they may be gone forever.

    Appreciations and the Guardian Tier system should be decoupled

    Because Commendations are tied to points, bounties, and triumphs, this forces me to again choose the player with the flashiest outfit in the activity. It’s like wildly shaking hands with a mostly gray crowd of players, and if someone has a red jacket, they win first prize.

    That doesn’t feel valuable to me, nor does it measure up to genuine praise from other players.

    The Guardian Tier system, however, has a good soul that few see because a boastful number in Destiny 2 is currently obscuring its true worth.