Destiny 2: Overpowered Exo Weapon from Lightfall is really nasty in PvP right now

Leksand extended the winning streak beat AIK

After Destiny 2 removed the timegate for Strang this week, the path was clear for another Lightfall exotic – the Final Warning pistol. However, the weapon isn’t just a sling pistol, it’s a tracking one PvP relentlessness that’s really insane.

What weapon is it? Destiny 2: Lightfall also includes a few new exotic weapons. But while you could unlock the Deterministic Chaos machine gun or the Winter’s Bite glaive fairly early, the new Exo-Strand pistol Final Warning was actually timegated.

  • Players should not be able to get the Exo weapon quest until the raid starting on March 10th has been completed, which would have unlocked the final strand fragments.
  • Additionally, in order to receive the quest, one must purchase each strand fragment for one character.
  • However, after recent criticism of Strang, Bungie has changed the plan. Just 4 days after the release, a live update came out, revealing the full potential of Strang to players.

    At the same time, unlocking it meant that the final strand weapon quest for the Final Warning pistol was now available to anyone who could collect strand meditation fast enough.

    In this trailer you can see all new exotic weapons and equipment from Destiny 2: Lightfall:

    Destiny 2: Lightfall – Trailer for new weapons and equipment

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    Final Warning is aggressive and unrelenting in PvP

    What makes the gun so crazy? After the first players picked up the weapon, it quickly became clear that it is a relentless weapon, especially in PvP, that is equipped with some nasty special abilities.

    Actually a built-in aim bot that elicits a really spiteful laugh from some players after the kill, as you can hear in some weapon reviews like this one:

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    The new pistol is so nasty in PvP

    These traits give the new Strang pistol a vile relentlessness in PvP, and that could get a nerf pretty quickly:

  • The Final Warning pistol can fire projectiles that aggressively track targets.
  • When fired from the hip, projectiles deal more body shot damage on impact.
  • As a kinetic weapon you have infinite ammo so the tracking in these rounds is pretty aggressive and potentially a problem in PvP
  • Those who prefer to aim benefit as well. When this happens, projectiles have greatly increased speed and deal additional critical hit damage to marked targets.
  • A marked target will also decompose if hit with a fully charged salvo.
  • How do you get the weapon? If you now also want to enjoy the weapon in order to pursue other players with it, then you need the quest “The Final Strand” and must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete the new Lightfall campaign in full.
  • Unlocks all strand subclass upgrades for one character.
  • String Grenade costs 50 String Meditations each
  • Thread Aspects cost 150 Thread Meditations each
  • String Fragments cost 200 String Meditations each
  • For the quest “The Final Strand” you have to “upside down” in a kind of Vex mixer

    After that you can complete the quest which has only 7 steps.

  • Step 1 – Visit Nimbus on Neomuna: You can find him at the “Transducer Gate” spawn point.
  • Step 2 – Finds Strang Devices: Now travel to the Vex Incursion Zone, because that’s where you need to find Strang Devices.
  • Step 3 – Defeat Shadow Legion Raiders: Now the quest requires you to survive a few cabal waves until a colossus appears that you have to kill. Read their orders to learn where they got their loot from.
  • Step 4 – Get the “Veil Spectrometer”: To do this, you must return to Calu’s ship, the Typhon Imperator.
  • Step 5 – Return to the converter gate: You must now go to the Pouka Pond at the Hall of Heroes.
  • Step 6 – Complete Osiris Training Program: Now it goes into the “Vex Mixer” and there Osiris will check your strand skills. However, unlike the campaign, this Upside Down mission is now a 5-minute limited-time version, so you’ll have to hurry.
  • Within the “Proving Grounds,” Destiny 2 throws you into a Vex Mixer that you must constantly escape while keeping enemies at bay. Especially in the Legendary campaign kept the Guardians on their toes and gave meaning to the grappling hook.

    This obstacle course and the subsequent boss fight also offers a few Neomuna triumphs over time, which encourage speed runs with a strand.

  • Step 7 – Done: The last step consists only of a visit to the Pouka pond. There you can then pick up the weapon “Last Warning” and complete the quest.
  • What do you think of this smart gun? Do you think they’re just right? Or do you say that this cannot be intentional and that the kinetic strand pistol will soon be nerfed in PvP due to its properties? Feel free to tell us in the comments.

    Another new weapon exotic that you can currently hunt in Lightfall is the Deterministic Chaos machine gun:

    Destiny 2: Lightfall – How to get the Exo-MG Deterministic Chaos with the quest “Unfinished Business”