Destiny 2 is very different today than it was 5 years ago

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Destiny 2 has been undergoing constant changes for the past few years. Bungie relies more on creative talent, also from the community, and thus brings new accents into play over the seasons. A lot has changed for the better in 5 years. But Bungie has neglected some things too much so far.

Those who have remained loyal to Destiny 2 over the years may have noticed the changes. Bungie has hired more creative minds over many seasons that have had a major impact on the game. And that hasn’t just happened since Sony bought the studio.

  • Destiny 2 has made the kinds of things you can earn more interesting.
  • It has also caused the storytelling in the game to change a lot.
  • And it brought a breath of fresh air to outdated parts of the game, like the skill classes.
  • In any case, Paul Tassi from forbes thinks it’s worth stopping and taking a look at where the game was in 2018 and where it is in 2022 for several reasons. Especially how far the changes have come.

    A lot has changed in Destiny 2 since 2017.

    This has happened in Destiny 2 until now

    Bungie organizes the various areas of Destiny 2 into purposeful teams.

  • For example, there is a storytelling team that only deals with the story.
  • A sandbox team explores the multitude of abilities and possibilities of your guardians in the game.
  • And in the end, more and more creative minds from the community find their place at Bungie, who set conspicuously cool accents.
  • Items become cooler and more creative

    Above all, creative impulses can be seen more and more often in the game. In the past seasons, not only special shaders, but also really cool armor designs have found their way into the game.

    Bungie is embracing new textures, glows, patterns, and many other interesting concepts that have been well received by players so far.

    Many of them are inconspicuous at first glance and therefore do not reveal their secret immediately. But all are quite unique and there is more and more of that.

  • In May 2022, Guardians could use the “Photo Finish” RGB shader to create a cool Razer RGB look, just like their gaming PC.
  • In Season 17, the new ornament sets were the highlight for Wardens, turning them into a glowing bulwark of fire and steel.
  • And in Season 18, the spooky Scarlet Glow shader from the Rank 10 Crucible gets the red glow of your Guardian heart beating with a bloody horror theme.
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    Only in the preview does the shader “Scarlet Glow” reveal its effect.

    There are also locomotion options, such as Ben Platnick’s exotic Sparrow for the Apprentice’s Oath raid called Fugue of Light. It has a rotating exhaust tail.

    These are all ideas and creations that are increasingly being designed by new talent and thus bring a breath of fresh air into play.

    New locations are worth seeing

    If you look back at the past seasons, you will notice that the new locations in Destiny 2 are also getting better.

  • Savathun’s throne world made the tender beginning.
  • This was followed by the all-new environment design for the Apprentice’s Oath raid.
  • The “Duality” dungeon also had a fresh look and a new bell mechanism.
  • In Season 18, the Guardians cavort on huge pirate ships of the fallen.
  • And old locations continue to develop, either by being modified in the story or by becoming new focal points during the seasons. As is currently the case with Spider’s new cocktail bar in the Eliksni district.
  • A look at Lightfall confirms this trend. For the new city of Neomuna looks to be the most ambitious project in Destiny 2 so far.

    Destiny 2: Everything about the Lightfall DLC of 2023 – release, new ability and editions

    The narrative has changed significantly

    Destiny 2’s narratives have also changed significantly as part of the seasonal stories.

    The so-called Narrative Team deals solely with the history of Destiny 2 and its context. There has been a change here since Season 12, when Bungie began continuing the story of Uldren Sov, aka Crow.

  • The storylines are more interesting than ever, with characters more fully fleshed out.
  • There are still lore books that you can read, but in the game you always get several voicelines, which Destiny 2 increasingly uses as a means to tell the stories better. Especially for Guardians who don’t want to look at the lore books.
  • The last highlight was Season 17 when another sad moment of one of the strongest characters in the game silenced many Guardians.
  • However, Bungie doesn’t just encourage players to think about personal approaches. The space shooter doesn’t shy away from interesting scientific parallels either.

    For example, while Beyond Light was still about dark entropy, Witch Queen was all about Destiny’s freely defined paracausality.

    For the story of Lightfall, it is also rumored that Bungie might even want to allude to string theory with the new ability “Strong”. But that is currently only a guess of the players.

    PvP and Gambit, on the other hand, are still a construction site

    Even the vagabond already has a lot of dust in its fur.

    While you’ll notice big changes in some places in PvE that most players are happy with so far, Bungie hasn’t had such a good hand in PvP and Gambit.

  • There is a lack of fresh air in both Crucible and Gambit.
  • The returned Rift mode didn’t really impress players, nor did the newly created map that Bungie brought to the game with it.
  • The next mode, Outbreak, was better received, but felt a bit too Ability Overload overall.
  • And if you like playing Gambit, you have to be content with 4 maps and live with the fact that particles often slide under the map.
  • Accordingly, Paul Tassi sees probably the most work in this department at Bungie.

    The developer is still struggling with balancing matchmaking as well as weapons and abilities. A lot is still being tested. This also includes a quit protection so that players don’t simply leave a match out of frustration or other reasons.

    The wishes of the players for PvP are not that big. A lot of players just want a PvP mode that doesn’t require any skills at all and relies purely on good gunplay. Or that you get a little more variety in Gambit, for example by starting to bring back old Gambit cards there as well.

    The hope is therefore that Bungie can still improve in these areas so that guardians don’t lose the fun of a good PvP match or gambit in addition to the entertaining story part.

    What do you think of the little review? Did you notice these changes as positively? Or is that still not enough for you? Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts on the Destiny community.

    By the way, within the community there are two parties whose understanding of Destiny 2 differs fundamentally: