Destiny 2 is deactivating many of your weapons because a perk has been destroying the game since Tuesday evening

The new week in Destiny 2 started with the new update for “Into the Light”. While many Guardians were excited about the new activity, there were, as usual, complications. Bungie had to put a stop to a bug by disabling a perk on your weapons.

What complications were there? Before the update, Bungie released a small video about upcoming changes in Destiny 2. A new class and exotic class items are to be released with “The Final Shape”. When the stream was over, fans were also able to download the free update for “Into the Light”.

However, a few hours after the update was released, Guardians could look forward to a message from the architects, as they deactivated the majority of your weapons because a bug made them too powerful (via

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What kind of bug was that? The bug revolved around the weapon perk “Cascade Point,” which can be found on many weapons. The perk ensures that final blows or sustained precision hits with another weapon temporarily increase the rate of fire of the weapon that has this perk.

However, if you performed a little trick, you could increase the “short” duration to infinity and benefit from a weapon that showered your opponents with bullets. Cheese Forever, a well-known YouTuber who reveals many bugs and glitches, demonstrated this error in his video:

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To perform this glitch, players were required to own a weapon that has two perk points on the same row as Cascade Point. Now you get a kill with another weapon and then go to the menu to switch the perk on and off the cascade weapon. Afterwards, players could switch to the cascade weapon and enjoy the perk indefinitely.

It was even possible to deactivate and activate the infinite effect if you wanted to save the effect for later in a fight. However, Bungie didn’t hesitate and deactivated all of your weapons with double perk points that have this perk.

How long do the weapons remain deactivated? That is still unknown. Destiny 2 runs on an outdated engine and it may take the developers a long time to figure out what’s broken in the system.

However, since this is a major bug affecting many weapons, we believe Bungie will have the issue fixed by next week or the week after at the latest. However, if the problem is more serious, a fix could only take place when “The Final Shape” is released. We will keep you up to date.

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