Destiny 2 had to adjust extra difficult story quest because it’s too hard for you

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Week after week in Destiny 2, there are more steps for the Season’s Story Quest. While these quests can be done on the side as usual, many Guardians this week seem to have encountered a quest step that was too challenging. Bungie therefore had to intervene and has therefore completed the task for you.

What was the task? Destiny 2 also brought new tasks to the seasonal story quest with Week 5. Guardians had to earn 50 points in one step by killing champions from different activities.

Easier said than done, as what seems like an easy task for a small fraction of players is obviously a daunting task for the vast majority of part-time Wardens.

Bungie noticed this and ended up automatically completing the task for each Guardian without hesitation.

Bungie shows who’s in charge with this test

According to Bungie, this sudden intrusion into the seasonal quest was for a good reason. On Twitter, it was made clear that the requirements were simply too high for many players.

But unlike previous tasks, which, for example, were only reduced by half, this time Bungie automatically completed the entire quest step for you.

Many Guardians have a hard time completing challenges

However, anyone familiar with the seasonal quests will know that this step looked more like an experiment. Many of Bungie’s seasonal story tasks can usually be completed with ease on the side and are rarely a major challenge.

This time, however, Guardians have been made to do something really challenging compared to the previous quests.

  • There were 50 champions to kill, the most challenging opponents in Destiny 2.
  • If you wanted the greatest progress, you had to go into the “Ketch Crash” activity and do it on the “Grandmaster” difficulty level.
  • “Grandmaster” not only has a power level requirement of 1600, but also no matchmaking.
  • However, just a few days after the weekly reset, Bungie rowed back. Many Guardians were obviously struggling to complete the task. And without completing the weekly story quest, you wouldn’t get any further in the coming week of the season either.

    It’s basically clear who’s in charge of Destiny 2 after this test and that’s the casual players. For many of the part-time Keepers, this was unfortunately an impossibility or just very difficult to manage.

    A little challenge is too much for most Guardians: This case of slacking shows that Bungie wants to make it easy for the majority of Guardians. Hardly any challenges for players who have little time for their quests during the week.

    So while many long-time Guardians laughed at the task, new Lights started to sweat a lot in the process. Because over the normal twilights the task either took forever and where there was the most progress, it was not an easy task alone and solo.

    But there are Guardians who understand such customization, like reddit user TheGuyFromTheM0vie:

    “[…] Would a casual dad with 5 wives, 3 jobs and 8 kids – who logs in every week to play the story – even know how to farm champions? Do they even know what a champion is or what mods exist for it or how they work? I highly doubt it, crazy as that sounds. But think about it – where would she ever see champions in a NON-Endgame, NON-Grandmaster+ activity? […]”

    explains reddit user TheGuyFromTheMovie

    So it’s not even possible for many Guardians to reach a level where it’s commonplace to face off against champions without getting stomped on the ground.

    This shows the community that Bungie still has some work to do to create a platform where both parties of pro players and casuals can play together without any adjustments.

    What do you think of Bungie’s surprising change of heart? Do you think it was a test or an accidental glitch in quest development that shouldn’t have happened? Let’s find out in the comments!