Destiny 2 gives you a cute exo puppy in Season 19 – this is how you find it

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In Destiny 2, 50 Yellow Security Drones raised eyebrows for a long time because no one knew what they were for. The mystery has since been solved, and for once it didn’t reveal a new weapon to the keepers, but rather a wonderful, unique surprise that you can even pet. MeinMMO tells you how to get it and why you should hurry to find it.

On December 20th, Destiny 2 revealed the Exo-mission Operation: Seraph’s Shield to its Guardians in the seasonal story quest. At first it was thought that it was only intended for hunting down the components of the new “Revision Zero” weapon and the IKELOS Protocol. But there was more.

Within the mission there was also a locked security door with electronic lock to discover. She was extremely well lured by a total of 50 security drones, which immediately piqued the Guardians’ curiosity. What could it be worth that you have to secure it so well?

A total of 50 drones lock this door in the “Operation: Seraph’s Shield” mission

How to solve the secret of the security door: The solution to the riddle are the ominous yellow objects that appeared in the game in Season 19. At the beginning of the Season of the Seraph, the Guardians were still puzzling over the suddenly appearing and, above all, so numerous objects that looked like yellow security drones. Even if you already suspected that it must have something to do with the new weapon “Revision Zero”.

Then, week four of the seasonal quest brought the solution to the mystery: find all 50 security drones, shoot them down with Revision Zero and thus discover the secret of a security door in the exotic mission “Operation: Seraph’s Shield”.

However, the reward was partly different than expected and a wonderful surprise.

Attention spoilers: If you haven’t played the mission yet and don’t like spoilers, you should stop reading from here and instead find out for yourself which path and goal the exo-mission “Operation: Seraph’s Shield” takes you to, as well as shooting down the 50 security drones with the exo- Revision Zero weapon.

All Hidden Drone Locations: After it was clear that the drones could be shot down with the new exotic “Revision Zero”, the task was solvable. First, find and shoot down all of the drones scattered throughout the system.

  • 10 are on Europa
  • 10 are hidden on the moon
  • 6 can be found in the three areas of the Raid Battlegrounds seasonal activity.
  • 12 are also hidden directly in the Exo-Mission “Operation: Seraph’s Shield”.
  • Note however: Specifically, the Security Drones in the “Operation: Seraph’s Shield” mission require the seasonal “Security Clearance” upgrade to be unlocked from the Exo-Case in the HELM Operations Center.

    If you don’t want to go to the trouble of finding all the drones yourself or if you’re still missing some, this video by Andy Edition can help you with your search:

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    Andy Edition shows you all locations of the security drones in the video.

    With each kill, you disable another lock on the security door until all the buttons next to the door light up and the door unlocks.

    Once you’ve done that, all locks on the security door are disabled. However, you cannot enter unmolested. Once the door is open, a series of lasers, another locked door, and a jump sequence await you. If you make a mistake, you will either be split or Destiny 2 will teleport you coldly back to the beginning.

    Once you have found and shot down all the drones, the lock is finally unlocked.

    At the end, a huge Hive Knight awaits you. But be careful: If you take the red teleporter to the final boss, you’ve already gone too far.

    Overcoming the obstacles is worth it:

  • Once you have successfully destroyed all Security Drones, there is a Triumph for which Destiny 2 will drop the new Exotic Sparrow, Archangel Conversion.
  • A cute exo puppy is also waiting for you behind the security door, who has been sitting alone in the dark for far too long and urgently needs attention. Once there, all you have to do is run the “Good Boy Protocol”.
  • From then on, the little cybernetic friend is yours. He will follow you to the HELM and from now on will be happy about every visit and every cuddle. You can also show other Guardians how well you care for them on your badge.

    good boy – This is what a Guardian’s best animal friend looks like.

    Can the robot dog stay? Animal friends have always been a hit in Destiny 2. Even if it was just an emote back then.

    Tens of thousands of fans are celebrating a new emote in Destiny 2, even though it costs real money

    No wonder the guardians quickly fell in love with the new exo puppy and no longer want to give it away. However, it is still unclear whether the cute pet will remain with you permanently.

    Since the robot dog is also seasonal content, it would disappear from the game again at the end of the last season in the “The Witch Queen” DLC. As well as all 3 season content before it. Since Lightfall will be released on February 28, 2023, that could also mean goodbye to the Exo Pup. If you still want the dog, you have to try to get it by the end of Season 19.

    However, some guardians still hope that Bungie will not remove the dog and also the very well done exo-mission “Operation: Seraph’s Shield”. However, Bungie has not yet made any statement on this. If this changes, we will update this article for you.

    What do you say to your new best friend? Was it a successful change from normal gun hunting? Or is that not something you want in a loot shooter? You are also welcome to give us your opinion on the mission “Operation: Seraph’s Shield” as a whole. How did you like her?

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